Clear Channel Launches Cedar Rapids CHR

Y95.7 KOSY Anamosa Cedar Rapids 600 KWMTClear Channel has flipped 95.7 KOSY-FM Anamosa, IA from News/Talk to CHR “Y95.7“.

The new format brings a third CHR to the market where it joins KZIA Inc.’s “Z102.9” KZIA and Townsquare Media’s “i107.1” KRQN.

KOSY-FM’s previous format was a partial simulcast with sister News/Talk 600 WMT Cedar Rapids, with both stations running different programming in middays and early evenings.

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  1. JeremyAndrews says

    That’s 5 if you count KBEA and KKHQ which also cover that area pretty well. Shouldn’t be much of a loss to WMT’s audience. Iowa has great ground conductivity on AM. Some of the AMs there can cover almost the entire state.

  2. theoutsider says

    Clear Channel pretty much used the FM signal as a place to clear some Premiere Radio Network shows. Glenn Beck is most notable as he was not heard on the AM. I think they ran Hannity on there before they made room for him on the AM side. In addition, when Iowa Hawkeyes games were on WMT AM, they aired regular programming on the FM. Even thought it is 5000 watts, WMT AM can be heard throughout Eastern and Central Iowa and parts of other states. On a good day, it can be heard in Chicago. I believe KOSY either still has a CP to increase power and move to a tower closer to Cedar Rapids or has already done so. It might have more success than KRQN has had against KZIA just for that reason as KRQN’s signal cannot be picked up indoors in many parts of Cedar Rapids, including in my own home or office. But KZIA is fully staffed 24/7/365 and they are at a lot of events in the community. They will be just fine against the new competition.

    With all of the Mainstream CHR signals that can be heard, I am a little surprised that they didn’t slap the “Wild” brand Premium Choice Rhythmic CHR on there instead of what will no doubt be the Premium Choice Mainstream CHR “Hit Nation” feed once things shake out.

  3. Charles Everett says

    Have you ever been to Iowa or know someone who lives there? A rhythm-heavy station makes little sense in a state that is mostly white.

    And those claims about statewide coverage on AM radio are straight out of the 1950s. WMT covers Cedar Rapids and Iowa City, which is all that matters. To prove that point, Rush Limbaugh has affiliates in Waterloo, Dubuque and the Quad Cities.

  4. theoutsider says

    Actually, I do live in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. If a city like Springfield, MO, which demographically is whiter than Cedar Rapids, can have a Rhythmic heavy station, then why not Cedar Rapids. The city has become more diverse over the past decade or two. If you include Iowa City, we are talking about a pretty young market as a lot of young people from small towns will either move to the Des Moines area or Cedar Rapids/Iowa City for job opportunities once they complete their education.. And by Rhythmic I don’t mean all Hip Hop and R&B as that would not work in Cedar Rapids/Iowa City. It would get listeners, but not enough advertisers. It could be more like Hits 99.9 in Des Moines which plays the big Hip Hop and R&B hits on the Rhythmic charts, but also includes a good dose of EDM and rhythmic pop. The Wild channel on I Heart Radio is more like what I was talking about. My main concern is that Cedar Rapids is absolutely oversaturated now with Pop Top 40. We can pick up 5 such stations here, three of which specifically target Cedar Rapids. KZIA in CR and KBEA in the Quad Cities also compete for Iowa City listeners and advertisers . I think that if Clear Channel is really committed to this, KRQN will have to go in a different direction due to the weak signal. KRQN is at 4700 watts with a tower near Vinton, which is about 25 miles from Cedar Rapids.

    I don’t know (and don’t feel like looking) to see what time Rush Limbaugh comes on in the Quad Cities, but that show airs live on KXEL in Waterloo, while WMT runs it on a two hour tape delay. Of course the main reason it does air on so many stations is in order to attract the local ad dollars in those areas.

    1. Charles Everett says

      You do know that Iowa City is a college town.

      Besides, pop music radio now competes with Pandora and Spotify. Anyone who won’t admit that is either ignorant of history or too cozy with Clear Channel.

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