Birmingham Is Doubly Ready For Christmas

Easy 97.3 WEZZ Magic 96.5 WMJJ Birmingham Christmas Music 2014The calendar says October 25 today and not December 25, but when one station in a market goes all-Christmas it usually triggers a competitor to do so as well.

Both iHeartMedia AC “Magic 96.5” WMJJ and Summit Media Soft AC “Easy 97.3” WEZZ made the flip to Christmas music within minutes of each other on Friday afternoon.

The two stations join 93.1 WEZW Wildwood Crest, NJ as the early adopters of Christmas music so far this year.

  1. Todd Mitchell says

    Clear Channel?

    1. Lance Venta says

      Gonna take more than a few months to reprogram years of mental association.

  2. Mike F says

    Magic 96.5 is Clear Channel

    1. Lance Venta says

      Clear Channel as a company was renamed iHeartMedia in September:

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