FCC Applications 2/1: Big Upgrades In San Francisco & Cleveland

FCC Application Construction Permit KLOVE 107.3 KLVS San Francisco 106.1 ClevelandEducational Media Foundation is preparing signal upgrades for properties in the San Francisco Bay Area and Cleveland.

EMF’s 107.3 KLVS Livermore, CA seeks to relocate about 15 miles west of its current location to a new tower site in the Diablo Mountains east of Oakland. KLVS would operate with 4.1kW at 481 meters increasing its coverage into San Francisco and San Jose (Coverage Map) at the expense of its coverage in Stockton and Modesto.

In Cleveland, an application filed by iHeartMedia will see EMF’s 106.1 W291BV Solon, OH move to the current auxiliary antenna of CBS’ 102.1 WDOK where it will operate with 200 watts at 264 meters rebroadcasting an HD subchannel of iHeart’s 96.5 WAKS Akron. The new location will give W291BV coverage of all of Cleveland and its nearby suburbs (Coverage Map). As is the case with much of the EMF/iHeart partnerships, the application being prepared by iHeart means that they will operate the translator once the upgrade is complete.

Translator Moves

Entercom Sports “105.7 The Fan” W289CB Milwaukee (rebroadcasting 103.7 WXSS-HD2) applies to increase from 240 to 250 watts with a directional array away from 105.7 WAPL Appleton while remaining at 284 meters (Coverage Map).

Telebeeper of New Mexico’s 93.7 K229CL Albuquerque seeks to increase from 40 watts at 1263 meters to 250 watts directionally pointed right at the city. K229CL will continue to rebroadcast Oldies 1240 KDSK Los Ranchos De Albuquerque (Coverage Map).

iHeartMedia’s 99.1 K256CE Couer D’Alene, ID applies to cross the state line into Spokane, WA where it will operate on 99.3 with 99 watts at 469 meters rebroadcasting “Fox Sports 1280” KZFS Spokane (Coverage Map).

iHeart’s 104.5 K283BV Bettendorf, IA seeks to move to Davenport with 250 watts at 71 meters rebroadcasting 103.7 WLLR-HD2 (Coverage Map).

Wilkins Radio’s CP for 105.5 W288CL Moosic/Scranton, PA applies to increase to 10 watts at 71 meters rebroadcasting their Christian Preaching 1550 WITK Pittston (Coverage Map).

WHOL Radio’s 99.5 W258BM Easton, PA applies to move west towards Bethlehem with with 4 watts at 169 meters rebroadcasting Spanish Tropical 1400 WEST Easton.

Northeaster Pennsylvania Educational Television Association applies to relocate its CP for 107.1 W296CL Reading, PA closer to the city with 4 watts at 230 meters rebroadcasting their 89.9 WVIA-FM Scranton (Coverage Map).

GEOS Communications’ silent 105.9 W290BS Turbotville, PA applies to relocate to Williamsport with 9.5 watts at 357 meters rebroadcasting 91.7 WPAL New Albany, PA (Coverage Map).

EMF’s CP for 92.7 W2240CO Greensboro, NC seeks a move closer to the city with 160 watts at 85 meters where it will rebroadcast an HD subchannel of iHeart’s 94.5 WPTI Eden (Coverage Map).

Carl Tutera’s CP for 97.1 W246CP Port St. Lucie, FL applies for an increase to 250 watts at 99 meters where it will rebroadcast Talk 1590 WPSL Port St. Lucie (Coverage Map).

Station Moves

Alpha Media CHR “Live 95.5” KBFF Portland has filed to downgrade from a Class C to C0. While remaining at its current facility, KBFF will downgrade from 100kW at 386 meters to 100kW at 346 meters (Coverage Map).

iHeartMedia Country “96.9 The Kat” WKKT Statesville, NC seeks to move closer to Charlotte while downgrading from a Class C with 100kW at 472 meters to a C1 with 52kW at 391 meters (Coverage Map).

Dockins Communications’ Country “Froggy 93.5” WFDZ Perry, FL applies to increase from 25kW at 57 meters to 21kW at 100 meters (Coverage Map).

High Desert Community Radio” 88.9 KPOV-FM Bend, OR seeks an increase from a Class C2 with 1.1kW to a C1 with 10kW while retaining its existing 489 meter antenna height (Coverage Map).

Southern Oregon University’s Classical/News 107.3 KNHT Rio Dell/Eureka, CA applies to relocate to 102.5 while decreasing its antenna height from 519 meters to 484 meters while retaining its 3.3kW power (Coverage Map).

Blueberry Broadcasting AC 102.5 WQSS Camden, ME requests a move to the tower site of sister 103.3 WMCM Rockland where it will operate with 20.5kW at 234.7 meters (Coverage Map).

United States CP’s silent 95.5 KEZF Pine Bluffs, WY applies to increase from 100 watts at 52 meters to 9.2kW at 160 meters (Coverage Map).

Cedar Cove Broadcasting applies for modifications at three of its properties. Silent 88.3 KVAM Kimball, NE seeks to move to 89.5 with 140 watts at 1 meter (Coverage Map). 88.7 KKWY Douglas, WY applies to increase from 7kW at 73 meters to 10kW at 101 meters (Coverage Map). 88.9 KIHI Burns, WY seeks a move to 88.5 with 180 watts at 39 meters (Coverage Map).

Call Letter Changes

92.1 WKSA Moyock, NC -> WHBT-FM
95.1 KCOR-FM Comfort, TX -> KMYO
102.3 WFNL-FM Smithfield, NC -> WKJO
107.1 KXDE Bennett, CO -> KFCO
107.5 KMYO San Antonio, TX -> KXTN-FM
1270 KXQZ Twin Falls, ID -> KTFI
1340 KTFI Wendell, ID -> KXQZ
1590 WASB Brockport, NY -> WOKR

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  1. e-dawg says

    I’m trying to figure out where the propose tower for KLVS is located. Also, are they short-spaced with KFRC 106.9 and KSAN 107.7 FM? Will KFRC and KSAN allow 107.3 to be this close?

  2. Mike Hawkins says

    KLVS is already strong in the Bay Area. With any luck at all, they’ll give up one or more of their translators (currently on 87.7, 91.9 in both northern and southern parts of the Bay Area, 92.1, 99.3, 100.9, 103.1, 104.1). There’s no reason for EMF to be on that many frequencies in one geographical area.

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