Rhythmic CHR “96.9 Hits-FM” Launches In Fargo

96.9 Hits HitsFM W245CM Fargo Moorhead 98.7 KLTA-HD2W245CM made its debut as “96.9 Hits-FM” on Saturday, March 15.

Not satisfied to launch with the usual 10,000 songs commercial-free, the new Rhythmic CHR is debuting with 33,969 in-a-row albeit with sponsorships thrown in. The station is taking shots at its competition for the amount of commercials it plays as the commercial-free run on 96.9 should take it completely through the upcoming Spring book and into the start of the summer.

Original Report 3/10: James Ingstad’s Radio Fargo-Moorhead has given the Fargo market its first Rhythmic CHR.

96.9 Hits-FM” will launch on 96.9 W245CM Moorhead, MN/98.7 KLTA-HD2. Currently broadcasting music with no imaging, the new format will flank sister Adult CHR “Big 98.7” KLTA against Midwest Communications “Y94” 93.7 WDAY-FM.

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  1. only1moore says

    Its great to see the Rhythmic format expand to newer places. I’ll definitely tune in.

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