Station Sales Week Of 4/3

Radio Station Sales Translators Oldies 101.1 WMYQBrian Walsh is purchasing “Oldies 101.1” WMYQ South Whitley, IN from the estate of Christopher Larko for $222,000. Walsh began operating the station via Time Brokerage Agreement in March when he moved the programming to WMYQ from 98.3 WIOE-LP Warsaw. The LPFM in now silent as it prepares to move to 93.9 with new WLQZ-LP call letters.

Cantroair Communications is trading 102.9 W275AB Elmira, NY to GEOS Communications for 99.9 W260AN Troy, PA. WHGL will continue to rebroadcast Cantroair’s Country “Wiggle 100” WHGL-FM Canton, PA/Elmira, while W260AN will rebroadcast Cantroair’s Oldies 1310 WTZN Troy.

Dennis Jackson sells 103.7 W279CI Georgetown, CT to Berkshire Broadcasting for $250,000. W279CI will rebroadcast Berkshire’s 98.3 WDAQ Danbury and holds a CP to relocate to Danbury with 250 watts at 131 meters.

Three States Broadcasting Company is selling Silent 106.7 WVKM Matewan, WV to West Virginia Educational Broadcasting Authority for $300,000. Three States reacquired WVKM last summer from Hatfield McCoy Broadcasting for forgiveness of obligations owed.

Robert Rose is purchasing the Construction Permit for 94.1 KZOC Bourbon, MO from Alma Corporation for $31,000. Rose is seeking an eighteen month extension to the station’s CP under section 73.3598 (a) of FCC rules, which is currently set to expire on May 8.

The Payne family’s K95.5 Inc. is transferring 105.9 KQIK-FM Haileyville, OK to Will Payne for $49,000. Payne is the son of K95.5 Inc. head Bill Payne. Will Payne currently serves as GM of 95.5 KITX-FM Hugo, OK and programs the all of the company’s stations.

Decelles-Smith Meda is selling Silent 1390 WEGP Presque Isle, ME to The Presence Radio Network for $67,500. WEGP was airing a News/Talk format until the sale was filed, at which time it was taken off the air.

Rafael Diaz doing business as Economico TV acquires Spanish Tropical “Popular 1490” WACM West Springfield, MA from Davidson Media for $250,000. Diaz began running the station via Time Brokerage Agreement on March 12.

Sunshine Radio Network purchases 1480 WIZD Neon, KY from Letcher Country Broadcasting for $1. The contract specifies that the price comes from recognition of G.C. Kincer’s years of friendship with Sunshine principal Thomas Abdoo.

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