FCC Applications 5/31

Translator Changes

FCC Applications Construction Permit 105.3 KCPW 105.5 Salt Lake CityThe pieces continue to get put in place for the upcoming frequency shuffle in Salt Lake City. Wasatch Public Media’s 105.3 K287AE Holladay, UT applies to move to 105.5 with no changes to its 205 watt horizontal/82 watt vertical at 419 meters facilities. The frequency shift will enable the translator to keep its second-adjacent status to KNRS-FM Centerville after it moves from 105.7 to 105.9. K287AE will continue to rebroadcast Public News/Talk 88.3 KCPW-FM Salt Lake City (Coverage Map).

Cherry Creek Radio’s 101.9 K270BV Hurricane, UT applies to relocate to St. George with 250 watts at 532 meters rebroadcasting 106.1 KXFF Colorado City, AZ.

Edgewater Broadcasting’s CP for 95.3 W237DW Covington, KY/Cincinnati applies to increase power to 250 watts at 236 meters rebroadcasting and HD subchannel of iHeartMedia’s 102.7 WEBN Cincinnati (Coverage Map).

Educational Media Foundation’s 103.3 W277AO Green Meadows, OH holds a CP to increase from 19 to 250 watts from its current 70 meter antenna. The translator now seeks to reduce that power to 158 watts continuing to rebroadcast 90.3 WKCD Cedarville/Dayton (Coverage Map).

Saga Communications’ 93.7 K229CC Winterset, IA seeks to make the move to Des Moines where it will operate with 250 watts at 132 meters rebroadcasting Classic Hits 93.3 KIOA Des Moines (Coverage Map).

Sarkes Tarzian’s pending acquisition of 99.5 W258BY Fort Wayne, IN applies to relocate to the tower of soon-to-be sister 95.1 WAJI where it will operate with 115 watts at 184 meters rebroadcasting WAJI-HD2 (Coverage Map).

Last week WSKG Telecommunications Council acquired the CP for 92.1 W221CW Groton, NY. This week it begins the process of relocating the translator to cover Ithaca as it applies to relocate to the tower of 90.9 WSQG-FM Ithaca with 250 watts at 71 meters where it will rebroadcast an HD subchannel of WSQG-FM (Coverage Map).

Mitchell Beranek’s 101.1 K266CB Laramie, WY seeks to relocate to 101.3 on a tower site just outside Fort Collins, CO with 250 watts vertical at 425 meters rebroadcasting Educational Media Foundation’s 103.9 KRKA Severance (Coverage Map).

Cedar Cove Broadcasting’s 88.7 K204Gk Steamboat Springs, CO applies for a move to 88.9 with 10 watts at 539 meters rebroadcasting 88.3 KRKY-FM Fort Collins (Coverage Map).

Hispanic Family Christian Network’s CP for 94.5 K233CS North Las Vegas, NV applies to relocate to 94.9 with 28 watts at -6 meters rebroadcasting EMF’s 88.5 KEKL Mesquite (Coverage Map).

Smoke & Mirrors LLC’s 100.9 K265CJ Laughlin, NV applies to adjust its existing facility to operate with a directional 240 watts at 722 meters (Coverage Map). Steven Greeley’s 96.9 K245AW Riviera, AZ seeks to move to the same tower with 250 watts at 722 meters (Coverage Map). Both will rebroadcast Smoke & Mirrors’ Hot AC “K-Hits” 104.9 KVAL Cal-Nev-Ari, NV.

Down the road from Laughlin a bit, Donald Hendren’s 100.7 K264BU Mohave Valley, AZ applies to move to 100.1 with 10 watts vertical at -70 meters rebroadcasting Smoke & Mirrors’ Classic Rock “K-Rock” 100.7 KRRK Desert Hills/Lake Havasu (Coverage Map).

Station Changes

Berkshire Broadcasting Classic Hits “Whoopie 100.1” WUPE-FM North Adams/Pittsfield, MA seeks to modify power and antenna height from its current location. WUPE-FM was licensed to operate with 1.3kW at 153 meters, but has been operating under an STA with 661 watts at 132 meters. The new application seeks 1.17kW at 158.8 meter facilities (Coverage Map).

New Translator Grants

Hope Christian Church of Marlton has been granted a new CP for 105.7 W289CD Trenton, NJ with 2 watts at 165 meters rebroadcasting 90.5 WVBV Medford Lakes, NJ (Coverage Map).

Call Letter Changes

88.3 KQRU Acton, CA -> KTCN
1550 KDCO Golden, CO -> KBUD

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  1. Dr. Akbar says

    15~Fifty KDCO Golden, Co changing calls to KBUD? That’s the hometown of Coors…YIKES! Or will KBUD be joining the Colorado Cannabis Bandwagon?

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