Bogey Resets In Corpus Christi As Shark Returns To KYRK

106.5 The Shark Texas Rig Radio KYRK Bogey Broadcasting Scott HoltOver the past several months Bogey Broadcasting has played musical chairs with a few formats and frequencies in Corpus Christi. Now the company has reset to its original state as 106.5 KYRK Taft flips back to Alternative “106.5 The Shark“.

To recap the moves Bogey has made so far this year, in January they began operating 94.7 KBSO and later 1150 KCCT as Texas Country “The Rig“. In early May, after a snag in their LMA of 106.5 KYRK from Withers Broadcasting, the Rig moved exclusively to 1150 and “106.5 The Shark” moved to 94.7. Later that month the Country format returned to FM on 106.5 once Bogey regained access to programming that station. Finally at the beginning of July, owner Reina Broadcasting retook control of 94.7 KBSO and 1150 KCCT taking the Alternative format off the air.

Bogey Broadcasting has been leasing 106.5 KYRK from Withers Broadcasting since it moved into Corpus Christi in 2011. Bogey agreed to purchase the station outright in December 2014 for $1,284,000 but that has yet to close.

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