Bigfoot Country Launches; Hunny Moves In Central PA

Big Foot Country Bigfoot 92.5 WJUN 106.1 WLZS 106.3 WHUN Hunny 103.5 Seven Mountains MediaSeven Mountains Media debuted the new “Bigfoot Country” on 92.5 WJUN-FM (soon to be WIBF) Mexico/Lewistown, 106.1 WLZS Beaver Springs (soon to be WZBF) and 106.3 WHUN-FM Mount Union.

While WJUN-FM’s satellite fed Country format and WLZS’s Classic Hits format have gone by the wayside, the Classic Hits format of “Hunny 106.3” has moved to 103.5 WLAK Huntingdon replacing the simulcast of Hot AC “Merf Radio” 95.7 WMRF Lewistown.

Update 7/28: reports that the three stations that will make up the “Bigfoot Country” trimulcast are Country 92.5 WJUN-FM Mexico/Lewistown and Classic Hits “Wheels 106.1” WLZS Beaver Springs as well as Classic Hits “Hunny 106.3” WHUN-FM Mount Union.

Jeff Stevens, PD of News/Talk 670 WIEZ Lewistown will program the station and host mornings with Mary Lee. Rick Hamilton from WHUN will fill afternoons with the syndicated Taste of Country Nights in evenings. As we mentioned yesterday the job posting is for a midday personality.

Original Report 7/27: Seven Mountains Media is preparing to launch a Country trimulcast in Central Pennsylvania in September.

Job postings have gone up for a midday personality for the the new “Big Foot Country“. Seven Mountains acquired seven stations in and near State College last fall in two separate deals. The company began restructuring its cluster with the flip of Rock “Eagle 98.7” WEMR to AAA “98.7 The Freq” WFEQ earlier this month.

We’d expect Hot AC simulcast “Merf Radio” 95.7 WMRF-FM Lewistown/103.5 WLAK Huntingdon two make up two of the signals. One of the company’s State College stations will likely be the third: CHR “B94.5” WBHV, AC “95.3 3WZ” WWZW, Classic Hits 97.1 WOWY or Talk 670 WIEZ. Our guess would be WOWY, which recently gained a direct format competitor from Forever Media’s “Happy 103.1” WRSC-FM. A flip to Country would go up against Forever’s “Big Froggy 101” WFGE-FM.

Update: We were also reminded that Seven Mountains acquired Country 92.5 WJUN-FM Mexico/Lewistown and Classic Hits “Wheels 106.1” WLZS Beaver Springs earlier this year that would make more sense than WMRF-FM/WLAK.

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