WXJZ Gainesville Returns To “Smooth FM”

Party 100.9 Smooth SmoothFM WXJZ Gainesville JVC Media After a day of stunting with patriotic songs, JVC Media has flipped 100.9 WXJZ Gainesville back to its prior “100.9 Smooth-FM” identity, this time as a Soft AC. WXJZ previously utilized that format as Smooth Jazz from 2002 until it assumed the Dance CHR “Party” brand from then sister 99.5 WBXY in December 2013.

The new incarnation of Smooth-FM will carry John Tesh’s “Intelligence For Your Life” in mornings.

JVC Media, one of the leading independent, locally owned radio broadcast companies with over a dozen stations in New York and Florida announces the launch of Gainesville’s all new smooth and relaxing radio station. September 12th at 12:01AM Smooth 100.9.
JVC Media has been in a rapid growth mode, recently expanding in Florida and Long Island with its entertainment and broadcast division adding jobs, staff and working hard to make radio local and community friendly once again.

JVC Media VP, COO Victor Canales said, “This radio station was designed to be a partner to the community and a complement to our sister station in the market WOW-FM 104.9. This will be the station that you don’t shut off, morning, noon and night”. We are planning a ton of concerts, events and promotions that will really make an impact on the community and bring excitement the streets of Gainesville, this is a really smooth sounding station”, he added.
Shane Reeve, Executive VP of JVC South added, “Over the last year we have seen such enormous growth with our Classic Hit format in Gainesville that we knew Smooth 100.9 FM would be the perfect partner for WOW 104.9 FM. This gives us a unique opportunity in the market to really make an impact with listeners, advertisers and the community”.

Qquincy, “Q”, program director of WXJZ Smooth 100.9 FM, said” we are truly excited to launch this brand in Gainesville, make sure to tune in each and every morning for the John Tesh morning show, and the station will kick off the month of October with a cash contest each and every day. As a long time Gainesville resident, my neighbors and friends have always wanted a station like this and I am proud to present it to my home town”.

Smooth 100.9 FM will broadcast live and local from the newly designed store front window studios in Downtown Gainesville along with sister station WYGC, WOW 104.9FM

Original Report 9/11: JVC Media Dance CHR “Party 100.9” WXJZ Gainesville, FL has ceased programming and has begun stunting with patriotic Country songs and various performances of The Star Spangled Banner.

With sister Country “My Country 102.3” WTRS-FM Dunnellon/Ocala coming off its highest ratings and lacking a strong signal in Gainesville could we see a return to a simulcast? WTRS-FM had been simulcasting on 104.9 WYGC until that signal flipped to Classic Hits “104.9 Wow-FM” in 2014.

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  1. only1moore says

    If anything, I place my bets on Country, plus given that they have a Top 40 for a sister station this would make sense. Party 100.9 had a great run while it lasted.

  2. JayR says

    The party ended some time ago.

    It’s too bad they’re considering country.

  3. only1moore says

    It looks like JVC made a “Smooth” choice with AC,

  4. TimmyWA says

    Logo looks like Crest vs. Colgate!

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