Radio-One Launches Boom 106.3 Columbus

Boom 106.3 WXMG Columbus Magic 95.5 WZOH Radio-OneRadio-One has launched its fifth Classic Hip-Hop station (and first in almost a year) as 106.3 WXMG London/Columbus OH debuted as “Boom 106.3” at 12pm.

We reported yesterday that Radio-One had registered the domains and social media accounts for the new format. WXMG’s previous Urban AC format moved to Radio-One’s newly acquired 95.5 WZOH-FM on Thursday.

Radio-One began the Classic Hip-Hop format trend in the fall of 2014 with the massive growth at KROI Houston and quickly duplicated the format in Atlanta, Dallas and Philadelphia. When the “Boom” branded stations began to come back to earth, the company shied away from any additional transitions to the format until today.

  1. only1moore says

    Given the station’s signal coverage, one gets the feeling that this “Boom” will go bust.

    1. Nathan Obral says

      The main objective for Boom is different… to shave ratings points off of iHeart’s 106.7 and to protect and flank Power.

      Besides, Magic survived on this frequency and thrived (relatively speaking) for the past few years, so it does hold some potential.

      1. johndavis says

        Agreed. Boom was born as a flanker format in Houston and it is still a valuable tool as a flanker.

  2. stationwagondude says

    They call themselves a Columbus station yet their transmitter is in London and at a mere 6,000 watts. I’m in Columbus and none of my radios pick up 106.3. Their signal is a total JOKE and if it stays like this BOOM will go BUST.

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