Taco Stunt Leads To Energy 94.1 San Antonio

Energy 94.1 The Taco KTFM San Antonio Blondie Nugget Grooves Tony CortezAfter looping “It’s Raining Tacos” for nine hours, Alpha Media relaunched CHR 94.1 KTFM Floresville/San Antonio as “Energy 94.1“.

The existing KTFM airstaff remains in place and minimal changes were made to the playlist. The station is promoting the fact the station’s staff is all in San Antonio unlike its direct competitors owned by iHeartMedia and Univision.

Meanwhile sister 102.7 KJXK, which teased a flip to Country at 4:00pm, went back to its original format at 5:00. The stunting at KJXK was done to make others believe KTFM was returning to its heritage dial position.

Alpha Media, San Antonio announced that KTFM has become Energy 94.1 as of Thursday, January 7th at 5PM.

The KTFM brand first signed in on the air in San Antonio in 1969 at 102.7 on the FM dial. In 2005, KTFM landed on 94.1 as Jammin’ and by 2010 became the top 40 “Puro San Antonio” station.

The switch to Energy 94.1, will breathe new life into the KTFM brand while continuing to connect closely with the San Antonio audience. Loyal listeners will hear their same favorite deejays of KTFM including, Blondie and Nugget in the Morning, DJ Grooves in middays, Tony Cortez in afternoons, and Auggie 5000 in the evenings. Listeners can also expect some new exciting things for the new year like exclusive concerts, contests, and more.

Alpha Media SVP Market Manager, Lance Hawkins commented on the announcement, “We are ecstatic to start the year with a new chapter of the KTFM frequency and refresh this brand’s identity in the form of Energy 94.1.”

“By launching Energy 94.1 we believe we can generate enough noise to differentiate ourselves in a crowded San Antonio top 40 marketplace. The birth of this new brand will also reinforce Alpha Media’s commitment to live and local radio. San Antonio is a unique market, and this presented us with the perfect opportunity to custom design a radio station that truly sounds like the community it serves,” remarked Energy 94.1 Program Director, Pat Cerullo.

Original Report 1/7 9:15am: It’s raining tacos in San Antonio all day today.

Alpha Media CHR 94.1 KTFM Floresville TX is stunting with a loop of Parry Gripp’s “It’s Raining Tacos” while promoting an announcement at 5:00 this afternoon.

KTFM had been in the middle of a wide CHR battle with iHeart’s combo of “Mix 96.1” KXXM and “Hot 104.5” and Univision’s “98.5 The Beat” KBBT with a 2.5 share in the December 2015 Nielsen Audio PPM ratings. Based on prior domain registrations, it looks as though the station will relaunch with a new burst of Energy.

  1. only1moore says

    I just went to their website. There’s a lightning strike after you enter the page. Sounds like it will be “Energized” like Peoria and Bakersfield.

  2. only1moore says

    KTFM is now “Energized”…

  3. Destructor says

    They took the former name of the Dance station on 96.9.

  4. Destructor says

    Rather, the name that KXTJ had when it was Dance music for a month last year. Hey Lance can you add an edit button to comments?

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