More Brew Less Buzz in Oklahoma City

94.7 The Buzz KHBZ The Brew KATT The Spy

Update 12/29/09: Clear Channel made the expected flip at KHBZ to 80’s heavy Classic Rock “94.7 The Brew” at 10:00am today.

Original Post 12/19/09: As Active Rock “94.7 The Buzz” KHBZ Oklahoma City continues to struggle against Citadel’s heritage Rock 100.5 KATT and Renda’s Classic Rock “107.7 KRXO“, Clear Channel appears ready to attack the pair from a different angle., registered this week and pointing to KHBZ’s current site (except for the homepage redirect to Yahoo) hints that the station will shift to the 80s based Classic Rock brand that the company has launched in quite a few other markets (Milwaukee, Portland, and Omaha among others).

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  1. This sucks. The Katt plays 75% classic rock, and KRXO plays classic rock. The Buzz was the best station in OKC in my opinion, and many other people I know. Lex and Terry was awesome and now they are not even on. I have no choice but to switch to satellite radio. There is nothing worth listening in OKC anymore, unless you like classic rock, or pop.

  2. Are you Kidding Me? The Buzz Played The Best New Rock. Now OKC’s Radio Stations Suck As Bad As Tulsa’s!!! XM Here I Come!

  3. less brew more buzz, i am so mad about this lex and terry was my show.i hate rick and brad ,thay suck so does the katt.if this is what thay got to do for more rating i think thay were wrong .so to who ever made this stupid change go kill your self.the brew suck’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. HAHAHAH…. I knew it was just a matter of time before RIck and Brad got those idiots off the air!!! LOVES IT

  5. Oklahoma just became even more lame. What marketing genius decided we needed ANOTHER classic rock station after the KATT, KRXO, Jack, and Bob? I’m leaving you, Oklahoma. You are the place where music goes to die (or to be placed on life support).

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