RadioNow Heading To SW Florida?

Beach 98.9 Radio Now WBCG Port Charlotte Harbor Venice

Update 7/12: While logic to us pointed to the Gulf Coast, Clear Channel went a different route. The “98.9 Radio Now” moniker and domains were used to rebrand the former “98.9 Kiss-FM” WZKF in Louisville, KY.

Original Post 7/3: Clear Channel appears poised to bring CHR and the “Radio Now” moniker to Florida’s Gulf Coast. and were registered by the company earlier this week. A rundown of Clear Channel markets where it owns stations on 98.9 eliminates any other possibility.

In Anchorage, Fresno, Louisville, Philadelphia, Salisbury, and Youngstown, Clear Channel already owns a CHR in the market. While in Spokane the “Now” moniker is already in use. This leaves Adult CHR “Beach 98.9” WBCG Charlotte Harbor, FL serving the Port Charlotte/Venice area in between Sarasota and Fort Myers.

Helping matters more is that sister 92.1 WLTQ segued from AC “Lite-FM” to Hot AC “92.1 MyFM” in April. There is currently a decent overlap between WLTQ and WBCG in formattics and signal. A shift to CHR on 98.9 would eliminate some of the musical overlap.

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  1. jasonharper2007 says Is Reported The Same Thing Above

    So Time will Tell When he Station Flips To CHR

  2. Lance Venta says

    Is it really reporting the same thing when they just take a portion of our report without the explanation of why it would be WBCG and not any of the other 98.9’s?

  3. jasonharper2007 says Points To WZKF FM Now

  4. jasonharper2007 says

    Sorry For Bad Link Above Points To WZKF FM In Loiusville,KY

  5. jasonharper2007 says

    Just Got A E-mail From Format Flip Today at 5pm But Would Say But I Would Guess 989 Radionow Everything Point To That Website Already Up Keep You Post Plus i would Put The playlist Up Here

  6. jasonharper2007 says

    Website Now Live!

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