Mega 95.5 Chicago Shoots Down Format Rumors

Update 3/10/10: It’s not every day that a station registers a domain to shoot down a format change rumor, but that is what appears to be the case with the aforementioned A visit to the site brings up the following image before directing the user to Mega’s website.

This translates to: “Don’t Believe The Rumors. Mega Is Here To Stay! The Only Boss In The City of Chicago Is Mega 95.5”.

Original Report 3/1/10: Since its flip from Smooth Jazz to Spanish CHR last May, “Mega 95.5” WNUA Chicago has been unable to gain any traction against a pair of Regional Mexican formatted stations: Univision’s “La Que Buena 105.1” WOJO and SBS’ “La Ley 107.9” WLEY. Clear Channel appears ready to take the “If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em Approach” as it is on the verge of rebranding the station as “El Patron 95.5” based on a domain registration made last week. The “El Patron” branding is already used by Clear Channel’s Regional Mexican station in Atlanta.

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