KKNG Oklahoma City Moves To 97.3

Tyler Media moved Country “King Country 93.3” KKNG Oklahoma City to 97.3, the former home of “Jack-FM” KOJK at 2:00pm today. The shift slides KKNG from the 100kw Class C signal to a weaker 1kw Class A rimshot. All air personalities at KKNG are out as well including morning hosts Bill Thomas and K.C. Shepherd. KKNG has also removed all currents and recurrents from the music mix and gone completely Classic Country.

As far as 93.3 goes, it appears the Variety Hits format formerly on 97.3 will return in a new form. Tyler Media registered 933TimFM.com and TimFM933.com last week via a subsidiary.

We wonder how the “Tim-FM” moniker will go over in Oklahoma City given the connection the 1995 bombing by Timothy McVeigh.

Thanks to Kent Ahrens and Rob Zerwehk in putting together this story.

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  1. Joseph_Gallant says

    Branding an Oklahoma City station "Tim-FM" would be like using "Osama FM" as a brand name for a radio station in New York or "Katrina FM" as branding for a radio station in New Orleans.

    Very poor taste.

    Hopefully, Tyler Media will end-up giving 93.3 a different "brand" that won't be so offensive.

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