104.9 The Monkey Seattle Returns To Its GenX Roots

Update 11/10: Seattle’s Active Rock “104.9 The Monkey” KFNK made the flip to 90’s Hits “Gen X Radio 104.9” at 12:00pm.

The Monkey signed off with The Beastie Boys “Brass Monkey”, R.E.M’s “It’s The End Of The World As We Know It” and Semisonic’s “Closing Time” leading into the flip.

The first hour of “Gen X 104.9” consisted of:
2 Unlimited – Get Ready For This
Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit
Sir Mix-A-Lot – Baby Got Back
Sublime – What I Got
Poison – Unskinny Bop
Pearl Jam – Jeremy
C&C Music Factory – Gonna Make You Sweat
Kid Rock – Cowboy
Stone Temple Pilots – Plush
No Doubt – Spiderwebs
Guns N’ Roses – Welcome To The Jungle
Counting Crows – Mr. Jones
The B-52s – Roam
Nickelback – Photograph
Bobby Brown – Every Little Step

Original Report 11/1: If any city was suited for the growing “Gen X Radio” format it may as well be Seattle, the city deemed by many as the center of Generation X culture. Clear Channel appears poised to make that a reality based on the domain registrations of GenX1049.com and GenXSeattle.com.

104.9 is currently Active Rock “Funky Monkey 104.9” KFNK Eatonville, WA, rimshotting the Seattle market from the south.

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  1. Alex says

    Please record this flip! I love this station and I want to hear it til the end!

    1. MJ says

      You should listen to KISS or Jack FM. Why encourage the death of a decent station?

    2. Little E says

      Im so dissapointed. I cant beleive the fornmat was changed from amazing rock music to this genx garbage!!! We have enough of those stations already!! I dont now what genius that this was a great idea but i agree with everyone else that IT SUCKS!!!!!!!!! Why does it seem like everyone always wants to ruin good thing? This is Seattle people!! Lets reperesent it the way we should with talented rock bands instead of 90’s one hit wonder has beens!!! So sad that The Monkey is gone!! What a waist of talent….

  2. Adam says

    Any idea when this is going to happen if it does? I keep going to the sites mentioned and for now it says website not found

  3. goth says

    This station freaking SUCKS!!! I cannot BELIEVE they got rid of funky monkey! what am I supposed to listen to now!? this is unfair! there’s already stations like this, whereas we only had 2 rock stations, and now 1! this is an outrage.

  4. Musicman says

    I have nothing to listen to any more… Bring back the Funky Monkey!

  5. scullen says

    OMFG, this new format sucks massive hairy monkey b*lls! What stupid idea fairy thought this craptastic format was a better alternative to what Funky Monkey played?

    If I wanted to hear any of the suck *ss songs listed above I’d listen to KISS, STAR, or KUBE. If I wanted to listen to some of the better rock songs, The END and KISW have them covered. I predict this new format is going to tank hard and in record time. I hope Clear Channel goes f-ing bankrupt in the meantime.

  6. monkeyballs says

    this staion sucks.

  7. reddwarf says

    I can’t agree more. This format SUCKS! Hello, Seattle, I think, gave the world grunge music that changed music as we now today. Gen X grew up and the Monkey gave us something to listen to 24/7 as we grew up. If I wanted to listen to 90’s and below music I would flip the station. The Monkey had every thing. NOW I’m hearing “I have the power” on the station, what is going to play Bobby Brown next. I have now erased 104.9 from my radio favorites. Thanks Gen X you killed the radio star.

  8. dream15 says

    I mean, why fix something not broken????? I have SO loved listening to The Monkey and Justin! Better than any Vegas or Fresno station, where I used to live. This is truly dismal news!

  9. Cam says

    This is a very sad day, and on the eve of veterans day when we have celebrated and remembered the acheivements and sacrifices of soldiers past and present we now for the loyal listeners we must live with yet another loss. I will say (to Justin and the hard core Monkey nation) thank you for the great music station, gritty commentary, great music and generally a stellar alternative to all the vanilla stations out there today. I will leave the following for the geniuses that inflicted the final death blow on a great station; may the fleas from a thousand camels infultrate your navel till the day you pass!

  10. YankMyMonkey says

    OMG! WTF!! Have you people lost your frigid minds. This change bite a$$. It’s pretty depressing this was the highlight of my drive to and from work. The first song I heard when in tuned in today was a frigid shock I could have shot my self in then head…you yanked my monkey…bring it back….this so sucks!

  11. Devon says

    You guys are dumb. why would you switch from the best rock station in seattle to a kiss wanabee? I hope everyone pulls there adds and you go under soon.

  12. Carita says

    WTF were they thinking? There is enough sucky 80s/90s/”Gen X” stations already with Jack, etc. I may be Gen X but does that mean I don’t like to listen to NEW music, or better yet real ROCK? Give us our music back!

  13. Alexis says

    Why! Why! Why! Please dont do this. This is outrageous! FUNKY MONKEY ROCKS! GENX was horrible.

  14. Zach says

    I went to school this morning. All was good. Rock was on. Came home, WTF……..the new station is stupid as shit. Where the hell am I going to get ATR, Atryeu, Breaking Benjamin, Stone Sour, SOAD, Trapt, Incubus, BFMV, and others…….what a waste…

    1. dream15 says

      My suggestion? Try streaming 107.5 Vegas. It is similar in music, not The Monkey, of course, but pretty darned good!

  15. jody says

    WTF!!! there are already crap stations like this. bring back the real music.

  16. MJ says

    Whoever orchastrated this switch to mediocre easy listening crap must have their head up their @ss. We can listen to John Tesh on dozens of other stations and we want the Funky Monkey back! It was the perfect mix of older and newer alt rock with a great variety of songs, why change the format? You will pretty much lose all the dedicated Funky Monkey listeners because we don’t want generic gen-x music.

  17. JS says

    I pushed the button for Funky Monkey several times, thinking I had 107.7 on accident. What a dissapointment to find the best music station on the air got pussified. I’ll miss you Monkey.

  18. RE says

    Who ever is the program director should be fired!!!! The Monkey ruled Gen X SUCKS!!!!!!

  19. Name (required) says

    LAUGH OUT LOUD!!!! The Funky Monkey died! I aree with other monkeys. Gen X SUCKS!!!
    …. I think I’m going to be sick….
    What the hell were you guys thinking???
    Heads should roll and people fired.
    Say bye-bye to your cash cow.

    (Nice job.)BARF!!!!!

    1. 8-ball says

      i totally agree, what the hell were they thinking. I was outside doing yardwork, have a stereo system in my garage, listening to what i thought was the fonkey monkey,when all of a sudden, i heard “I got the power”on the radio !!!!!! Thought i had the wrong station !! can`t believe they changed the format to that crap !!!I am shocked !!!DON`T know what to listen to now, am truely lost without monkey. Wow what a travesty to loyal monkey listeners!!

  20. FormerFan says

    This totally sucks – I wasn’t prepared for it and kept thinking I’d hit the wrong station. One more to delete from my radio – guess I’ll be going back to CDs and iPod for driving music. RIP Funky Monkey!!

  21. Maurice says

    WTF, I thought I had the wrong station after work then checked and then thought maybe justin was playing a joke but NO some Dumb A$$ switched the format to some lame A$$ crap. what am I going to listen to now, as others aid, back to CD’s and ipod. morons………….

  22. Alex says

    I didn’t want the death of a decent station. I loved the Monkey!!! I just wanted to hear the last few minutes of it before a good station gets thrown away. I like the 90s Hits thing, but put it on Q Country where no one gives a sh*t!

  23. Ken says

    I was wondering what happened. The reception is bad in parts of West Seattle, so other stations will be picked up. But I kept hearing music that shouldn’t have been playing on the Funky Monkey. After a couple of days, I decided to search on the internet and found out about this horrible change.

    Now I channel surf and I’m not happy about it.

  24. rush says

    clear channel is so big they don’t care about a bunch of hard rock/metal heads in the south sound area.hey clear channel the economy is in the dumps!we the funky monkey listening crowd are the most loyal of all. we supported your advertisers and this is how you repay us with our loyalty to this station ,you stab us in the back and it really hurts.

  25. Christalyn says

    Is there any way to reverse this switch? Seriously, we have just lost the best rock station in Seattle and sad to say, we are now down to one rock station. GenX music can be found on other stations. I’m really disappointed.

  26. Carol says

    I hate the new format and I have deleted 104.9. I am bummed. KISW is a crappy substitute because it is just talk radio during the prime commuting hours. Now I don’t have a station to hear new rock.

  27. Jess says

    what a dumb move, I have listened to the monkey for a verylong time now, it seems like yesterday when a friend told me about this awesome new radio station that only plays the new heavys. RIP Monkey and thank you for all the great songs.

    F@%K KISW!

  28. Elizabeth says

    Ok, I’m older, 44 and female, and when I want classical music I turn it to King FM; when I feel like country I turn it to the wolf; but when I want to seriously relax and rock out, I turn it to the MONKEY!! What happened??? This station is horrible! You can listen to this crap on other stations, the MONKEY was unique. Nothing else compared to it. I seriously thought it was a joke. BRING THE MONKEY BACK!

  29. Anthony says

    I leave for 45 days, come back to Seattle, turn to one of the best stations (Monkey 104.9) and get this GEN-X crap. I thought I had the wrong number in my head. But no, someone decided to switch the station. Now I have to find a different rock station, none before really compared, doubt I’ll be able to find one now. Who ever decided to do this to such a great station needs to seek mental help. I’d switch it back before you loose too much in this brain dead of an idea. I’m pretty sure you have lost way more listeners by doing this than gained. I gave it a chance, turned to the station three different times, then immediately changed it once I herd the BS song that was on.

    Funky Monkey, I hope some other competent person adopts you. Seattle desperately needs you back.

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