The New Sound At Star 102 KCKC Kansas City Is Alice

Alice Star 102 KCKC Kansas City New Sound 102.1 Wilks Broadcasting 98.1 KUDL

Update 1/3: KCKC dropped its extended Christmas music programming and debuted “Alice 102” at noon today. The format is best described as a Gold based AAA or Classic Alternative with a strong 80’s lean. Wilks describes the station as “concentrating on modern hits from the 70s, 80s, 90s and early 2000s including Dave Matthews, U2, REM, Van Morrison, INXS, David Bowie, The Police, Eric Clapton, Jack Johnson, Elvis Costello, Sheryl Crow, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Coldplay, The Cranberries, and Bob Marley.”

The first hour of Alice 102 consisted of:
R.E.M. – The One I Love
Modern English – I Melt With You
Dave Matthews Band – What Would You Say
The Police – Roxanne
Coldplay – Clocks
Jack Johnson – Better Together
Talking Heads – And She Was
Bob Marley & The Wailers – Jamming
U2 – Beautiful Day
Simple Minds – Don’t You (Forget About Me)
The Cure – Friday I’m In Love
Tom Petty – I Won’t Back Down
The Wallflowers – One Headlight
The Fixx – One Thing Leads To Another

Update 12/23: A few domain registrations have appeared hinting at the future relaunch of KCKC. was registered directly by Wilks and is the likely new name of the station. However, we do want to point out that three other domains were registered using a fake address and phone number to “Radio Ventures”,,, and We don’t consider those domains likely to be used based on the way they were registered, but we’d be remiss to not point out their existence.

Original Report 12/22: Wilks Broadcasting’s AC “Star 102” KCKC Kansas City, MO will enter the new year with an adjusted format. On-air sweepers promoting “The New Sound of 102.1 FM” and “Your Music, Your Station” have been airing interspersed with the Christmas music currently airing on the station. KCKC is trailing Entercom’s 98.1 KUDL in the Kansas City AC battle. However any change may also affect sister Adult CHR “Mix 93.3” KMXV as it attempts to regain ground it has lost to Cumulus’ “95.7 The Vibe” KCHZ. Thanks to our friend @BroadcastKC for the info.

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  1. Cindy says

    I am a big Star 102.1 fan. I have been waiting till the day after Christmas to listen to my fav. station again, as I am not fond of Christmas music. I hate hearing there will be a change, not fond of change. What can we expect of this New Sound? Do not like hip hop, Country, or to much electronica. Will you still be my favorite?

    1. k9250 says

      i am a big fan,over 15 years before it was 102.1. when it was hip hop or electronica,i hope aint got to switch to kudl.

    2. Tanya says

      My husband and I love the Christmas music and continue listening to it. We hope that the format changes to happy music kind of like Christmas music.

  2. Alex says

    It will probably be like Mix but without hip hop, hard rock and annoying stuff. Less soft stuff, more alternative sort of stuff.

  3. Sean Phillips says

    As with Jack FM being in multiple markets, Radio Alice is becoming the same way. Format is a 50/50 mix of Kansas City’s 102.1 (Formally the Star) and 96.5 The Buzz. A mesh if you will, for better or worse.

  4. evan says

    Moving to KC and thought I’d check out all the local stations online using radio-locator . com and I must say almost every station streaming out there is horrific except Jack fm. Pretty sad! Hopefully Star 102s format change will be good. Theres hope for Kansas City yet! Or else I will switch to satellite radio.

  5. Brian Scheibner says

    The link leads back to a clock counting down to the new Sound of 102.1.

  6. Aaron Poslusny says

    Hi Alice
    I Love Alice
    Keep It
    From Aaron Poslusny

  7. JoshfromFL says

    Alice is pretty good so far i’ve been enjoying it online. I hope they will still do the Christmas music next season. I live in Fort Walton Beach and we don’t have any good stations here on the Gulf Coast. So I listen to alot of online stations and I really enjoy 102.1 now alice and 9.5 the Buzz.

  8. Cindy says

    LOVE the new format!!! The old 102 was identical to 98 and too flat. The new ALICE is a welcome and much needed addition for KC! Hope it’s here to stay, it’s a fabulous new start for the new year!

  9. Debbie says

    I loved Star 102. Hated 24/7 christmas music for 2 months. Wasn’t sure I liked the change but listened more today and think I like it. I do so hope that your programing at christmas will mix christmas music with regular music instead of 27/7 christmas music. Good Luck!

  10. KfromOPKs says

    Not very happy so far. I keep waiting for them to play something I like but every time a new song starts it isn’t one I want to hear. I will be waking up to a new station tomorrow morning and it won’t be 102. Goodbye Alice!

  11. Roger says

    I have listened to Alice and I am not impressed with the format. Let the countdown begin to see how long this station format will last. Tick-Tock! I was hoping that Star 102 would become a new jazz station for Kansas City instead of this mix of music, already being played by other KC stations. I will continue to listen to my satellite radio and other KC radio stations.

    1. Debbie says


      I agree with you. I would have preferred a smooth jazz format. Was exstatic when KUDL started the jazz breakfast on Sunday morning and listen all morning with my paper and coffee. Unfortuneately, KC doesn’t seem to have enough jazz listeners to support a fulltime jazz format. So sad.

      Debbie, Independence, MO

  12. Julie says

    I HATE THE CHANGE. I, too, waited the 2 months to switch back and to hear John Tesh. Well, the music is awful and no JT! Will be reprogramming the #5 button on both my cars soon!

  13. Deanna says

    I’ve been listening to The Vibe (which is fun when I’m in a clubbing kind of mood but a little young for me) and GenX Radio. I like Gen X except it got too “chatty” which seems to happen to every new radio station in town. At first, it’s back to back songs…then it’s one or two songs and chatty djs talking way too much.

    I’ll check you out but please don’t hire chatty Kathy djs. I’m sorry, but I don’t care what the dj had for breakfast/lunch/dinner or what they watched on tv the night before or who they’re sleeping with/dating/ or whatever. Just play music or I’ll only listen to my mp3 player.

  14. Angie says

    I LOVED the Christmas music! You all can say what you want (and I’ve seen, heard, and read it all), but I look forward to November so I can have all the Christmas music I want. I’m sure there are other nuts like me out there, and I know we will wait patiently for our 2 months out of the entire year that we can relax and take it all in again. And I’m worried we won’t get that in 2011 with this new format. And I miss the contests, and I REALLY miss the DJs. I’m not a fan of all-talk by any means, but I still like the human-ness that comes from having them on the other end of the radio.

  15. Mel says

    I love the new music on whats now Alice, but there are alot of ads versus 98.1 KUDL…I tend to switch over when I hear to many ads bunched together!

  16. G says

    The new format is great. Hope the station sticks with the “classic alternative” format. Have heard alot of “classic AM tunes from 70s” lately on this station, but the classic alternative format was a void in KC that I am glad to see it is being addressed on 102.1. After a little marketing, I suspect the demographics for this format will be exactly what the owners and advertisers are looking for.

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