SportsRadio 95.7 San Francisco Rebrands As The Game

SportsRadio Sports Radio 95.7 The Game KBWF San Francisco Rise Guys Don Geronimo Eric Davis Brandon Tierney John Lund Dan Dibley Chris Townsend

Update 7/27: now features a countdown clock to the stations rebirth as “95.7 The Game” on Monday, August 1.

Meanwhile was moved to Entercom’s servers yesterday.

Update 7/21: Add one more set of domains to Entercom’s list of possible brands for 95.7.,,, and were registered yesterday by Entercom.

Original Report 7/13: As Entercom completes its staffing up of “SportsRadio 95.7” KBWF San Francisco for its August 1 relaunch, it looks as though the station will rebrand that day as well.

Entercom registered domains for,,,,,, and Other than KBWF, the only other station Entercom owns on 95.7 is Classic Rock “Bayou 95.7” WKBU New Orleans.

The station last week added “The Rise Guys” Whitey Gleason and Mark Kriedler from KHTK Sacramento, who will be joined by Dan Dibley in the morning slot. The additions of John Lund for middays and Brandon Tierney and Eric Davis in afternoons was announced in late June.

With the Rise Guys leaving KHTK, Don Geronimo moved his show from middays to morning drive. Mark “Phantom” Lowe remains from KHTK version of The Rise Guys to join Geronimo’s show. Carmichael Dave takes over the 12pm-3pm slot, while remaining on Geronimo’s program as producer.

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  1. Joseph says

    Since Entercom owns WEEI in Boston, should the call letters “KEEI” be available, I can see Entercom using them for thei San Francisco all-sports station.

    “Sportsradio 95-7 KEEI”, anyone???

    1. Lance Venta says

      The WEEI name has decades of brand equity in Boston. Zero in San Francisco. It does nothing to describe what the station is to new listeners.

      It would be like calling a new Talk station in Boston “WKGO” because KGO is in San Francisco. Nobody in Boston knows what KGO is and stands for.

  2. Stelly says

    I agree. WEEI is New England. WEEI is the Red Sox. Start fresh with 95.7 and let it be a Bay Area station; allow it to build its own brand equity with the A’s.

  3. Stan says

    KNBR sucks. LOL!
    The Game,needs to get a taller antenna for its 5,000 watts or so,hire GM who knows the bay area…these Sacratomatos hosts have been like hicks-loud,obnoxious,boors. Sophisticated is what KNBR isn’ you do that.
    And heaven help 95.7 if they ever get a Fitz and Brooks team of open palms to the local teams. Sweetheart deals that destroy any credibility..even for the puff world of sports talk.

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