FM News/Talk Coming To Eastern Connecticut

94.9 News Now Lee Elci CBS WJJF Montauk New London NorwichUpdate 2/21/12: WJJF will debut next week as “94.9 News Now“.

The station’s lineup will feature local host Lee Elci from 6 to 9am. Elci, has been hosting mornings at Cumulus’ 980 WXLM for the past six years. The remainder of the lineup will come from syndication; Laura Ingraham at 9am, Dennis Miller at 12pm, Mike Gallagher at 3pm, and Michael Savage at 6pm.

Update 10/9/11: And here come the decoys. Following our report on the registrations below, Fuller has followed up with a few more domains:,, and

Original Report 10/7/11: The southeastern portions of Connecticut and extreme east end of Long Island will once again have an FM News/Talk station based on recent domain registrations.

John Fuller, owner of AC “Soft Rock 106.5” WBMW and Rhythmic CHR “Jammin 107.7” WWRX in the market via his Red Wolf Broadcasting recently acquired a Construction Permit for a new 94.9 licensed to Montauk, NY in the most recent FCC auction.

Now that CP has taken the initials of its owner for its recently granted WJJF call letters. The group has also registered and for its soon to debut station.

The region lost its FM News/Talk outlet last year when 104.7 WXLM’s programming was moved to 980 AM. That station is now in a divestiture trust due to the Cumulus acquisition of Citadel.

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  1. MattParker says

    Talk about deceptive advertising! “News now” but it’s all right-wing talk (all the time) – featuring third-string right-wing hosts. What a waste of spectrum. Put this under “dumb ideas” and “deserves to fail.”

    1. Bob N says

      D. Miller, Ingraham, and Savage are all pretty successful. I like Dennis (conservative on some issues, liberal on others) can tolerate Laura, and
      am not quite into Savage, but they all do have some success–though yes “news”
      rather than “talk” is misleading. Not sure if they could afford him but Howie Carr would be a good pickup.

  2. Joseph says

    Couldn’t the station move their transmitter to the outer part of the “north fork” of Long Island near the town of Orient??

    This way, they’d be twelve or so miles closer to Connecticut (and cover more people there), while still maintaining a strong signal over Montauk, their city of license. That could prove crucial in reaching that area.

    1. Lance Venta says

      If its far enough away from 95.1 WXTK then yes, but bigger question is there available land. WJJF will be transmitting from the same tower as 104.7 WELJ.

  3. Michelle says

    Any chance we can get Hannity on this station from 3-6?

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