Louie Comes Back To Louisville

Louie 104.3 The Beat WWPW WLUE Louisville Rocky Knight WNDA Delilah

Update 2/15:Louie 104.3” debuted yesterday as an 80’s heavy AC branded as “Louisville’s Favorites”. The station will become the Louisville affiliate of Delilah, who was dropped by Cox’ “Lite 106.9” WVEZ in November.

Update 2/1: 104.3 returned to the air today simulcasting 1570 WNDA with the WLUE-FM calls replacing WWPW.

Update 1/25: Following the registration of Louie1043.com, a few more domains were registered for the station: Sports1043.com and 1043TheZone.com.

It also appears that New Albany Broadcasting will be operating 104.3 when it returns to the air. The WLUE calls have been placed on the former 1600 WTSZ Eminence, KY. That station simulcasts “News/Talk 1570” WNDA New Albany, IN. The two new domains for 104.3 refer to previous formats run by 1570/1600.

Original Report 1/15: 104.3 WWPW Charlestown, IN/Louisville will soon be returning to the air with a name and format previously used in the market.

The station went silent in mid-December when Radio Multi-Media lost its lease to operate the station as Urban “104.3 The Beat“. The Way Media owned station has been dark while it awaits a new programming source.

That source will apparently bring back the Variety Hits “Louie” brand that Clear Channel ran on what is now “Gen X Radio” 100.5 from 2005 to 2009. 1043WLUE.com, WLUE1043.com, and Louie1043.com were registered by a Vortex Computer Solutions on Thursday. Additionally, the station applied for those aforementioned WLUE calls on the same day.

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