Wolf Howling Into Charleston?

Charleston, SC is going to see a shakeup of its radio dial that hasn’t been seen anywhere in quite some time. Here’s a quick rundown of the changes:

  • Citadel’s “Cat Country” 107.5 WNKT moves into the Columbia market.
  • Citadel’s Urban AC 101.7 WMGL (currently in a trust until WNKT moves) moves to 107.3 with a stronger city grade signal.
  • Apex’s Variety Hits “Chuck-FM” 96.1 WAVF moves to 101.7 (via a swap of licences with Next Media’s 101.7 WKZQ Myrtle Beach moving to 96.1) by taking each others intellectual property.
  • Apex acquires 95.7 WWBD in Bamburg, SC which moves into the Charleston market while moving to 95.9 in Isle of Palms and increasing from a Class A to Class C2.
  • The programming shifts may not stop there. With WNKT’s move to the Columbia market failry imminent, Citadel may be looking to keep its successful Country programming in the market. Citadel has registered 21! domains for a programming change at sister “Sunny” 96.9 WSUY. While being the only Adult Contemporary station in the market, WSUY’s numbers have struggled lately and is currently behind the rimshot WNKT. Citadel has registered all of the following domains:

  • thewolfcharleston.com
  • wolfcharleston.com
  • wolf969.com
  • thewolf969.com
  • 969wolf.com
  • charlestonwolf.com
  • 969thewolf.com
  • That’s only 7, however Citadel has also registered the .net and .us equivalent of every domain name listed above. Covering all of its bases. While many of the later moves regarding Apex’s stations may not happen until 2008 or 2009, Citadel is about to make the first moves on what will be many in the Charleston market.

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