Hot Country 94.7 Launches In Vero Beach

Hot Country 94.7 Rush Radio WPHR Gifford Vero BeachUpdate 12/26: R&S Radio closed on its purchase of 94.7 WPHR on Christmas Eve and following a brief stunt looping the Macarena, launched “Hot Country 94.7” at noon today.

Taking direct aim at Clear Channel’s “Wave 92.7” WAVW, the station is emphasizing more music in the mornings than WAVW’s Bobby Bones Show and local contests.

With the demise of the Rush Radio format, Clear Channel is directing listeners to 1290 WJNO West Palm Beach.

Original Report 11/22: When R&S Radio closes on its purchase of Conservative Talk “Rush Radio 94.7” WPHR Gifford/Vero Beach, FL, it appears they will flip the station to “Hot Country 94.7“.

R&S registered last week and has reserved a Facebook page for the brand. The format change will place WPHR up against Clear Channel’s market leading Country “Wave 92.7” WAVW.

R&S purchased WPHR from Clear Channel’s Aloha Stations Trust in September for $1.85 Million.

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  1. drtfla says

    I can understand Clear Channel directing it’s listeners in the Vero Beach area to WJNO 1290, 68 miles to the south in West Palm Beach….. but for Vero Beach, Sebastian and Fort Pierce listeners to hear Rush and other conservative talk on WJNO is going to be an exercise in futility for most; unless they have a GE Super=radio or an equally good AM receiver/tuner and even then they will need a loop or some type of externa antenna to make WJNO listenable in Indian River and St. Luice counties and that is during the day; at night, those listeners will need to try to pick up out of state stations or maybe Orlando stations for their conservative talk.

    At one point in time, in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s WJNO had a repeater AM, WJNX 1330 to fill the big void of WJNO signal in that area; that station has also been sold and is no longer a Engish language talk station.

    st. petersburg,fl

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