Bigfoot Moves; Seattle Rimshot Stunting

Bigfoot 93.7 KANY Montesano Aberdeen Shelton 107.3 KLSY The Quake William WolfenbargerUpdate 5/7: KANY has completed the move of its Country format to 107.3 KLSY as “Bigfoot 107.3“.

93.7 KANY is now stunting with bird calls and sweepers redirecting the Bigfoot listeners to 107.3. The station is ID’ing itself as “93.7 The Birds“. Is it too much to look for a connection to the current Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks?

Update 4/24: Wolfenbarger has confirmed to that a format shuffle will take place at his stations with something new coming to 93.7 KANY..

It should come as no surprise that we would do something else with 93.7 (sister station KANY-FM Montesano) at some point…Jodesha Broadcasting, has every intention of remaining in Southwest Washington with programming for the residents of the area. We will retain all of the format choices we currently offer in the Twin Harbors, and will even be adding another soon. Stay tuned.

Original Report 4/22: Bill Wolfenbarger’s Jodesha Broadcasting has registered domains that hints at format shuffles at his Aberdeen, WA stations perhaps to allow a Seattle move-in. was registered as a future destination for Country “Bigfoot 93.7” KANY Montesano. That station is currently Classic Rock “107.9 The Quake” KLSY South Bend. That station holds a CP to move to Cosmopolis, WA on 107.3 (adjacent to Aberdeen) with 4.1kW at 122 meters that expires in August.

The Quake format will likely move to translator CP 103.9 K280GE Aberdeen as Wolfenbarger registered concurrently.

93.7 KANY is owned by JOSH Broadcasting, a partnership of Wolfenbarger and Gregory Smith, co-owner of Sunnylands Broadcasting and currently programmed by Jodesha. Gregory Smith also is a partner in South Sound Broadcasting, owner of 97.7 KOMO-FM Oakville which operates from the same tower as KANY as the FM half of News 1000 KOMO Seattle albeit with slightly more power via LMA with Sinclair Broadcasting.

KOMO-FM is a Class C operating with 69kW at 701 meters, while KANY is a C0 with 33kW at 677 meters (and a CP to slightly adjust it to 32kW at 679 meters). KANY still puts a near city grade signal through the southern and western portions of the Seattle market with its 60dBu countour running right through downtown Seattle. Will another Seattle AM end up with an FM simulcast?

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  1. Bob cavanaugh says

    Actually Lance, correction, KLSY currently broadcasts at 107.9 from South Bend, with the CP you mentioned also being a change in frequency to 107.3. My question is how is the new translator going to be fed? Unless Bill has plans to upgrade one of his stations to hd operation, there isn’t any way that the classic rock format currently on 107.9 can legally be moved to a translator.

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