River Runs Dry in Salt Lake City

Struggling AAA “105.7 The River” KXRV Salt Lake City may be on its last legs. Clear Channel has registered MyCountry1057.com and has tied it to KXRV’s calls. How do we tie this to Salt Lake City and not Clear Channel stations in other markets?The site can also be accessed at KXRV-IP.clearchannel.com and its weather page points to Salt Lake City.

KXRV’s is located at the bottom of the ratings pack lately; registering a 1.1 in the Spring book. Interestingly, Clear Channel sister Hot AC 99.5 KJMY already uses the “My” branding in the Salt Lake market.

Salt Lake City is currently home to four other Country stations. Citadel’s 93.3 KUBL “The Bull” is tied for 2nd in the market at 5.5 12+, Citadel Classic Country 107.5 KKAT was at a 2.2, and Simmons 101.5 KEGA “Eagle 101.5” is at 1.5. Locally Owned 104.3 KSOP did not have its numbers published in the most recent book as it is not an Arbitron subscriber, but in the Spring Phase 2 trends, it registered a 3.2 12+.

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  1. jesseangelo says

    If this is true, it is truly a bad day for Salt Lake City radio. The last thing this market needs is another Country station. Long live AAA!

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