Keeping Track of Jack- And Bob-FM In Canada

This article was originally published on Edison Research’s “Infinite Dial” blog on July 19, 2006

Even by the time the first Bob- and Jack-FMs started to really proliferate in the U.S., a few Canadian outlets had been doing the format for more than a year, with big numbers that proved  that the Classic Hits/Hot AC hybrid  format had at least a little more durability than some detractors were giving it credit for.

Now, some Canadian stations like format originator CFWM Winnipeg have hit their fourth anniversary in the format. And if you want a good look at the long-term future, check out the just released winter 2006 Canadian BBM ratings.  

When you look at breakouts of Canada’s Bobs, Jacks, and Joes, you see some that continue to dominate in several cells. Others are now No. 1 only in the format’s sweet spot, 35-44 women, but competitive in most other key demos.

Here are some of the highlights from 12-plus:

  • CKIS Calgary, 10.8 – 11.4
  • CKLG Vancouver, 8.3 – 7.6
  • CKNG Edmonton, 7.0 – 7.2
  • CFWM Winnipeg, 8.3 – 7.0
  • CKKL Ottawa, 3.5 -3.2
  • CJAQ Toronto, 2.4 – 2.8
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