Kool New England Trimulcast Signal Changes

Kool Oldies Radio 1490 WACM 1270 WSPR Springfield 1180 WSKP Hope Valley 990 WNTY Southington BombaRed Wolf Broadcasting’s three state “Kool Radio” trimulcast is temporarily losing one of its markets while adding FM translators in its other two.

On April 1, 1490 WACM West Springfield MA will pick up the programming of sister Spanish CHR “Bomba 1270” WSPR Springfield while 1270 temporarily goes off the air for transmitter site upgrades. The Kool format will return to Springfield on or before May 1 on 1270. The move will also allow Bomba to gain an FM signal as WACM holds a CP to move 93.9 W230BH Montauk NY to Springfield on 104.5 as part of the AM Revitalization.

Meanwhile each of Kool’s two other signals have signed on their new FM translators. 1180 WSKP Hope Valley RI is now heard on 104.3 W282CB and 990 WNTY Southington/Hartford CT is on 96.1 W241CG.

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