Farmworker Educational Association Acquires Pulse 96.7 Las Vegas

Pulse 96.7 KYLI Las Vegas Campesina Cesar Chavez FoundationFarmworker Educational Association is paying $850,000 for KYLI.

Original Report 8/18: The Dance format of “Pulse 96.7” KYLI Bunkerville/Las Vegas NV will soon be coming to an end.

The Cesar Chavez Foundation’s Farmworker Educational Association has agreed to acquire KYLI from LKCM Radio Group for an undisclosed amount. The buyer operates the Regional Mexican “La Campesina” in multiple west coast markets including Phoenix, Bakersfield, and Kennewick-Richland-Pasco WA. The sale was brokered by Kalil & Co., Inc.

  1. johndavis says

    They started geofencing the website stream so those outside of Nevada can only listen to the “New York” feed.

    But so far the mobile app is still playing the Vegas stream if you want to get your fill of commercials for Naqvi Injury Law and the Little Darlings strip club until the very end. (You’ve got to love a spot that tells young women to forget about college and become a stripper.)

    I’ll miss Pulse when I go back to Vegas. Most EDM stations are tough to listen to, but it’s poppy enough to be accessible to someone who doesn’t hit the clubs 6 nights a week.

  2. only1moore says

    It was a great station, but when you’re up against three Top 40/CHRs and a Rhythmic Top 40 with better numbers, not to mention serving the area with a rimshot signal and a booster, you know the writing was on the wall. I wouldn’t be surprised if KLUC, KFRH, KPLV, and KVEG attempt to grab KYLI’s loyal listeners.

    1. johndavis says

      More likely: KLUC, KFRH, KPLV, and KVEG will ignore whatever happens to Pulse. It’s worked pretty well for them so far.

      I wonder if Salkowitz will try to talk Kemp into leasing out KVGQ? With it only bringing in a 0.6 6+, the allure of getting a check every month would have to be strong.

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