Opie Out At SiriusXM

Opie Radio Gregg Hughes Jim Norton Sam Roberts Anthony Cumia Sirius SiriusXMAfter thirteen years, the Opie era is over at SiriusXM.

As first reported this morning by The Interrobang, Gregg ‘Opie’ Hughes has been terminated by SiriusXM for an undisclosed infraction. SiriusXM released a brief statement confirming the end of Hughes’ employment: “SiriusXM confirms it has terminated its relationship with Gregg ‘Opie’ Hughes, host of the ‘Opie Radio Show’ weekday afternoons on the Faction Talk channel. SiriusXM does not publicly discuss internal personnel issues.”

Opie released a brief statement on twitter claiming he had no idea what was going on, while regular guest Sherrod Small confirmed the show was out. Unconfirmed rumors claim that the firing came after Hughes filmed a coworker in the bathroom without consent.

Opie and former partner Anthony Cumia joined XM in 2004 following the expiration of their CBS Radio contract. For a period in 2007-2009 their show was split between some CBS Radio stations and XM until CBS ended the “Free-FM” Hot Talk brand. Cumia was fired three years ago this week and then Hughes moved from mornings to afternoons following a falling out with co-host Jim Norton last September.

All references to the Opie Show from 3-6pm eastern have been wiped from SiriusXM’s website and replays of the Jim Norton & Sam Roberts show now fill the timeslot on the Faction Talk channel.

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  1. Joseph_Gallant says

    Somewhere in Heaven, the late Boston mayor Tom Menino is probably laughing.

    Years ago, when Menino was mayor and Opie was still with Anthony on WAAF-107.3 Worcester/Boston, the two began an Aopril Fool’s Day show by saying that Menino had been killed in an auto accident.

    Supposedly, a friend of the Mayor heard the broadcast and called Menino’s office and was relieved to learn that the Mayor was very much alive and well. Shortly after that, Menino issued a statement saying that he hadn’t been in a car accident and certainly wasn’t dead.

    During the era Opie was with Anthony, they did a bit called “Wow” (ass in “Whip ’em Out Wednesdays), in which female listeners were encouraged to take-off their blouses and bras and reveal their breasts in public. I recall one such incident happened outside of New York Rockefeller Plaza live on the “Today Show”.

    But the best-known incident during Opie & Anthony’s partnership came during a contest in which they encouraged listeners to have sex in public places. One couple actually had sex inside New York’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the most famous house of worship in America.

    Well, if Opie & Anthony want to reunite and do an X-rated podcast, there’s always the Internet!

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