98.3 Pittsburgh To Change Formats

Froggy Pittsburgh 98.3 WOGI 104.3 WOGF 94.9 WOGG 103.5 WOGH Froggyland

Update 8/31/09: We guessed this one wrong. EMF Broadcasting has an LMA-to-buy in place for 98.3 and will flip the station to Contemporary Christian as part of the national “K-Love” network tomorrow.

Original Post 8/26/09: 98.3 WOGI Duquesne, PA, one of four suburban Pittsburgh stations surrounding the city with “Froggy” Country will drop the format on Tuesday, September 1. 98.3 is directing its listeners to 104.3 WOGF in Moon Township, PA which covers the Western half of the Pittsburgh market and will become the originating station for the remaining trimulcast as well as the WOGI calls. 94.9 WOGG Oliver covers the Southern portions of the market, while 103.5 WOGH Burgettstown targets the Wheeling, WV market.

Instant Insight: While 98.3 is a Class A with 3.5KW at 440 feet, it does have a city-grade signal over all of Pittsburgh itself. Though no format has been announced, 98.3 would be a perfect spot to take the Urban mantle from 106.7 WAMO should its planned sale to Catholic operators be completed.

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  1. Joseph_Gallant says

    Besiodes, not only would the rumored switch of 98.3 to Urban fill the hold left by WAMO, but isn't the majority of the population within Pittsburgh's city limits African-American??

  2. sexxiii says

    Sorry, only 27% but God bless you for trying.


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