Live 100.5 Birmingham To Flip To News/Talk

Live 100.5 WWMM Birmingham 100 1070 WAPI Citadel

Citadel Broadcasting has announced that AAA “Live 100.5” WWMM Birmingham, AL will flip to a simulcast of sister News/Talk 1070 WAPI in the next week to 10 days. The station will be the third News/Talker in Birmingham to make the move to FM joining 101.1 WYDE and 105.5 WERC.

An amazing groundswell of support for the current AAA format has been built online as over 14,000 people have joined the Facebook Group “Save Live 100.5” in the past 72 hours. Whether or not it is enough to prevent the flip to talk (We doubt it will), it should be enough to get another station in the market to at least consider picking up the “Live” format and staff.

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  1. ashleykay125 says

    It’s BS…
    The ONLY radio station that played something other than POP radio is now off the air because advertisers are too dumb to realize how many people ACTUALLY listened to it! There are many people in Birmingham who may want to listen to other people talk, but I can guarantee you that there are MANY, MANY MORE who do not care to listen to people talk every time they get in their car to drive to work or home and would rather listen to MUSIC. This is why SIRIUS/XM radio is making a KILLING right now! People are willing to pay money NOT to listen to someone talk all day! If I wanted to hear what’s going on in the world, all of the depressing crap that there is to be heard, there are more than enough means to get it: TV, newspapers, internet, word of mouth, and of course, TALK RADIO – where can I get more music??? Even the TV stations which are supposed to be geared toward “music” do not even have music anymore. Now, the only station that played something other than Britney Spears is off the air so I guess I’ll be buying satellite radio soon. It’s a sad reality…the radio won’t play music worth listening to. Reg, you will be BADLY missed….

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