105.1 The Wolf Expands Towards Nashville

105.1 The Wolf WVWF 790 WJNA WVWK Ashland CityFowler Media Partners has begun operating Southern Gospel 790 WJNA Ashland City TN via LMA and has flipped the station to a simulcast of their Classic Country “105.1 The Wolf” WVWF Waverly/Clarksville.

WJNA has changed call letters to WVWK. The 790 signal gives the format daytime coverage of the western parts of the Nashville market.

The Tennessean adds that WJNA morning host Richard ‘Corky’ Albright exits after 28 years at the station with the change in operator.

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  1. firepoint525 says

    Actual call letters prior to the changeover were WQSV, which stood for “wonderful quaint Sycamore Valley.” The Sycamore is a creek in northern Cheatham County. Corky often referenced “the twin valleys,” with the other one being the Harpeth River, here in south Cheatham County, but very little of their programming was aimed at south Cheatham.

    1. Lance Venta says

      The station was legally WJNA from December 2013 until last week. They apparently never updated their legal ID or branding and were identifying illegally as WQSV.

      1. firepoint525 says

        This would not necessarily surprise me. I remember those calls for a proposed station, to be co-owned along with a couple of Robertson County stations, but that deal from back about that time apparently fell through. I remember that Corky returned to the air (as WQSV) in June 2014, almost exactly a year after he signed off for the first time (June 2013), and continued broadcasting (still as WQSV) until he signed off (apparently for good this time) on Feb. 1, 2019. FCC rules and regulations apparently never meant anything to him.

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