KVI Seattle Returns To Conservative Talk; KOMO Expands News

570 KVI Seattle John Carlson Laura Ingraham Mark Levin KOMO 1000 97.7 NewsIts been a tumultuous two years at Fisher Communication’s 570 KVI Seattle.

In November 2010 the station dropped its long running Conservative Talk format amidst declining ratings to flip to Oldies. After the music format failed to generate an audience on AM, the station went back to Talk with a lifestyle and consumer based lineup. On Tuesday, September 4, with ratings hovering around a 0.2, KVI will complete the cycle as it will return to Conservative Talk.

The new KVI will be anchored by John Carlson’s return to the station to host mornings from 5-9am. Carlson had been hosting afternoons on KVI prior to the switch to Oldies; at which time he moved to sister News 1000/97.7 KOMO for a 9am-12pm show. The remainder of the lineup will be syndicated including Laura Ingraham from 9am-12pm, Todd Schnitt 12-3pm, Mark Levin 3-6pm (starting October 15), Lars Larson 6-9pm, Michael Savage 9pm-11pm, Red Eye Radio 11pm-3am, and Don Imus 3-5am. Levin and Larson currently air in the market on Salem’s “Freedom 1590” KLFE. They will both move to KVI, but not right away.

With Carlson moving back to KVI, KOMO will expand its News programming blocks into the 9am-3pm timeslots held by Carlson and Ken Schram’s talk shows. Schram will continue to provide commentaries to KOMO-TV. Bill Rice will anchor the 9-12pm block on KOMO, with Brian Calvert following from 12pm-3pm. KOMO will now be All-News from 5am to 12am.

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