Boston Herald Radio To Launch

Boston Herald Radio Denver Post Peter BurnsUpdate 7/29: The Boston Herald released details for the launch of “Boston Herald Radio” on Monday, August 5.

The station will launch with twelve hours of daily programming from 6am to 6pm weekdays.

Former 1200 WXKS Morning host Jeff Katz will host mornings from 6-9am. Jaclyn Cashman and Hillary Chabot will follow from 9am to 12pm. Former 96.9 WTKK host Michael Graham will follow from 12-3pm. His show will continue to be regionally syndicated as well. A pair of Sports hosts, Jon Meterparel and Jen Royle will follow from 3-6pm.

Original Report 7/10: Last year the Boston Globe used the departure of WFNX Boston to launch “Radio BDC“, a fully staffed Alternative station hosted on their portal. They joined the San Diego Union Tribune’s launch of “UTTV“, a 24 hour online and cable news channel in making the move towards digital programming.

Now two more newspapers are getting ready to launch streaming services. reports that the Boston Herald and Denver Post are poised to launch brand extensions.

In Denver, the Post is starting with a pair of programs. On August 5, Columnists Peter Burns and Mark Kiszla will move their “Mile High Sports” 1510 KCKK/93.7 K229BS morning show to new studios in the Post building and will add audio and video streaming on On July 15, Burns and the Post will debut “Press Box TV” on KCDO-TV. The half hour program airing at 10pm weekdays will feature sports news and commentary.

The report states that the Boston Herald is planning to launch a full-fledged Talk station through their website and mobile apps. The station could potentially fill the voids left by last year’s flips of 96.9 WTKK and 1200 WXKS out of the Talk format. The only hosts mentioned by the site’s report for programs on the station are former WEEI host Jon Meterperel and current WEEI weekend host Jen Royle for a Sports program. The newspaper registered earlier this year.

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