Bobby Bones Staying With Clear Channel

Bobby Bones Clear Channel Quitting TV IHeartRadio Country

Update 4:45pm: Claiming that he didn’t expect the amount of attention his teaser had received, Bones has revealed in a YouTube video that he has turned down a television offer and will remain with his Clear Channel morning show.

Original Report 11:00am: Is Clear Channel’s syndicated Country morning host Bobby Bones exiting less than a year after moving to Nashville?

Bones has published a statement claiming that he’s gotten a “job” offer outside of radio that has him reconsidering his desire to host mornings. Claiming that he has a deadline of Monday at 3pm to accept that offer, Bones will make his decision in a Lebron James like manner on flagship 97.9 WSIX at 12pm Monday.

While insisting that it’s not a stunt for ratings, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a promotional stunt. Is it coincidental that Tuesday, February 4 is the anniversary of the announcement that Bones was departing CHR “96.7 Kiss-FM” KHFI Austin to move to Nashville? Or is it connected to Bones’ hosting Clear Channel’s IHeartRadio Country Festival taking place in late March in Austin?

Is it also coincidental that rumors are flying that Cumulus will flip 103.3 WKDF Nashville to “Nash-FM” at 12pm Monday?

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  1. Nathan Obral says

    If it ISN’T a promotional stunt, I would be shocked. Heck, maybe the offer was made by Cumulus to take over for Blair Garder’s show.

  2. Beachguy says

    What a phony stunt.

    1. Nathan Obral says

      But it short-circuited any buzz that Cumulus was getting with their upcoming gnashing… er… “NASHing” of WKDF. So it still worked.

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