Lotus To Swap Frequencies In Tucson

Rock 92.1 KFMA 101.3 La Caliente 102.1 KCMT Tucson Lotus BroadcastingUpdate 3/21: The KCMT/KFMA frequency swap will take place at midnight tonight.

Original Report 2/10: Lotus Broadcasting will swap the frequencies of “Rock 92.1” KFMA Green Valley and Regional Mexican “La Caliente 102.1” KCMT Oro Valley on Friday, March 21.

The Modern Rock format of KFMA will relocate to the Class C1 102.1 signal. The station operates with 100kW at 81 meters with a signal that is stronger in the northern portions of the Tucson market.

The Regional Mexican format moves to the 50kW at 150 meters Class C2 signal at 92.1 that better reaches the southern portions of the market headed towards the Mexican border. 92.1’s simulcast on 101.3 K267AF Tucson will continue as well with the formats trading places. The 50 watt translator fills in coverage holes in Tucson proper. Lotus states that the moves will allow each station to better reach their targeted audiences.

In the Fall 2013 ratings, KFMA ranked seventh in the market with a 4.1 share. KCMT was eighth with a 3.8 share.

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