KKZN Denver To Become RealTalk 760

AM 760 KKZN Denver Gloria Neal Randi Rhodes Ed Shultz Liberal Progressive TalkUpdate 5/15: KKZN will flip to Lifestyle/Advice Talk branded as “Real Talk 760” on Monday, May 19.

Positioned as “Real Life, Real Solutions”, KKZN will will feature financial news in the morning and advice talk shows the rest of the day. The lineup will feature “Money In The Morning” with content The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg Radio from 3-10am, a simulcast of Tom ‘Troubleshooter” Martino from sister 630 KHOW from 10am to 12pm, Dave Ramsey from 12-3pm (starting June 2), Clark Howard 3-6pm, Dr. Joy Browne 6-8pm, Jim Bohanon 8-11pm, TMZ Live 11pm-12am, and Dr. Joy Browne again from 12-3am.

Original Report 5/9: Yet another of Clear Channel’s Liberal Talk stations is dropping the format.

AM 760” KKZN Thornton/Denver is next in line to shift to another Talk variation following similar moves in recent months at sister stations in Portland and Los Angeles. Morning host Gloria Neal posted on Facebook that she had been fired as the station would be changing formats. With Randi Rhodes ending her syndicated show next week the station is losing two of its shows.

Greg Foster, VP/Programming for Clear Channel Denver confirmed to the Denver Post that Neal was let go.

“I can confirm that Gloria Neal’s show is no longer on KKZN and she is no longer with our company. We will be announcing new programming for KKZN in the near future.”

Clear Channel registered RealTalk760.com last December that could potentially be used for KKZN. With the company also owning News/Talk/Sports 850 KOA and Conservative Talk 630 KHOW perhaps the company will follow in the footsteps of its Los Angeles and San Francisco clusters and move Rush Limbaugh off of KOA to enable it to focus on all local programming.

After KKZN drops the Liberal Talk format, Clear Channel will be left with three Liberal talkers in Albuquerque, Asheville, and Madison in their portfolio.

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  1. Joseph_Gallant says

    Could Clear Channel decide to make KKZN-760 all-sports, moving sports programming currently on KOA over to 760??

  2. Nathan Obral says

    It **could** take Fox Sports. But the Rockies and Broncos would almost certainly remain on KOA. 760’s night pattern won’t cut the mustard with either team.

    1. Charles Everett says

      Priority for KOA goes Broncos, Rockies, University of Colorado football/men’s basketball. KKZN has been used as a spillover station for the Rockies and CU.

      The Broncos do have an FM co-flagship in Denver.

  3. Bongwater says

    “Real Talk”?

  4. ksradiogeek says

    They already tried Sports pre-2004, when they flipped to Prog Talk.

    I’m kinda mad, but not surprised. It’s not “Republican-led CC killing it because its anti-Republican” like all these other whackjobs on these boards or The Post. Its tanking in the ratings and ad dollars. I can get this station on occasion here in Kansas, but most of the time, I have to stream it on iheart. I will miss AM 760, Colorado’s PROGRESSIVE Talk!

  5. laurenceglavin says

    This odd: radio-locator.com does NOT provide a coverage map (as fanciful as their maps sometimes are) for KKZN. And if you ask the site to provide a list of signals in the Denver area, KKZN-760 does not appear. Weird.

    1. Bongwater says

      There USED to be one. But it isn’t there any longer. Weird….

      The signal gets into Denver and Boulder fine. But KKZN has a wacky nighttime directional signal Not sure if that’s why…..

  6. Ed Graham says

    Sounds more like Real Cheap Talk or Real Boring Talk…

    AM is so fried, they might as well pull the plug on any live AM.

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