Pair Of Indianapolis Morning Show Changes

93.1 WIBC Indianapolis 1260 WNDE Steve Simpson Tony Katz Rover MorningEmmis News/Talk 93.1 WIBC and Clear Channel Sports 1260 WNDE Indianapolis are launching new morning shows.

At WIBC, The Indianapolis Business Journal reports Steve Simpson has exited as host of the “Indy’s Morning News” morning show after 22 years with the station. Conservative Host Tony Katz who hosts 9pm to Midnight on WIBC from Los Angeles will relocate to Indianapolis to take over the morning show beginning on June 30. Katz’ program will de-emphasize News, Traffic, and Weather.

Meanwhile, WNDE today debuted the syndicated “Rover’s Morning Glory” for the 6-9am slot. Based at sister Rock 100.7 WMMS Cleveland, WNDE becomes Rover’s seventh current affiliate. Rover replaces Fox Sports Daybreak on 1260.

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  1. jimh says

    Let’s see…do I have this correctly: At WIBC they are replacing a local-host of many years with a move-in that will not talk much about news/weather/traffic…..those 3 things being the kind of things folks in Indy (and elsewhere) wanna hear when they get up and start their commute. Meanwhile, over at WNDE, a SPORTS station, they will not be talking about sports, such as all the games that went on after their morning audience went to bed the night before….instead they will be just a generic morning show.

    So a double loss for the commuters of Indy…..little news on the news station and not much sports on the sports station.

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