Denver’s Classic Hip-Hop Now Has A Flo

Flo 107 KFCO Fly 107.1 107X KXDE Denver Max Media Classic Hip-Hop Uncle NastyMax Media has swiftly rebranded Classic Hip-Hop “Fly 107.1” KXDE Bennett/Denver as “FLO 107.1“.

As these quick changes are normally associated with trademark infringement, did SiriusXM’s Classic Hip-Hop webcaster “SiriusXM Fly” lead to the rebranding? That company has “SiriusXM Fly” trademarked, but not “Fly” by itself. At least two terrestrial stations predate SiriusXM in using the moniker; Pamal CHR “Fly 92” WFLY Albany, NY and Alpha Media Variety Hits “Fly 92.9” WGTZ Dayton.

Original Report 12/24: Max Media has flipped Classic Alternative “107X” 107.1 KXDE Bennett/Denver to the format du-jour of the season as it becomes Classic Hip-Hop “Fly 107.1“.

The station is running commercial free through the month of January where it will create a flanker to sister Rhythmic Oldies “Jammin 101.5” KJHM.

The flip gives KXDE its third format this year as it previously shifted from Variety HitsJack-FM” to Classic Alternative in March. The format never took off registering just a 0.4 share in the December 2014 Nielsen Audio PPM ratings.

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