Alt Rock Out In Monterey As Z Country Expands

alt rock 106.7 Z Country ZCountry 97.9 KYZZ Monterey Salinas Mount Wilson FMMount Wilson FM Broadcasters has pulled the plug on Alternative “Alt Rock 106.7” K294CA Monterey, CA.

K294CA is now simulcasting sister Country “Z Country 97.9” KYZZ Salinas. The Alternative format had launched in June 2014 being fed by KYZZ-HD2.

With 106.7’s coverage area completely within KYZZ’s we do wonder if the new simulcast is the permanent plan. Mount Wilson had registered last December and it is currently redirecting to KYZZ’s site.

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  1. airplane777 says

    If I were them, I would drop the letter “Z” and just reimage as Country 97.9 and/or 106.7.

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