ESPN Making Moves in New England?

ESPN Radio 850 WEEI Boston 100.1 WWFX Pike Worcester 99.7 WEAN WPRO Providence 1450 Warwick 1380 New Bedford

When ESPN dropped 890 WAMG/1400 WLLH Boston from its affiliate roster it set-off a chain of events that brought the ESPN affiliation to Entercom’s 850 WEEI amid rumors that 850 would eventually become a full-time ESPN outlet while WEEI’s local programming shifted to FM.’s Bruce Allen Tweeted that one of WEEI’s hosts has been dropping many hints about that move today.

Meanwhile, a few neighboring markets could also be involved. Citadel Communications recently registered and Classic Hits “100.1 The Pike” WWFX Worcester, MA is one of two Citadel owned stations on 100.1, the other WVIB Muskegon, MI which has an all-Sports sister already. 99.7 WEAN-FM Wakefield-Peacedale, RI is a 24/7 simulcast of sister News/Talk 630 WPRO and the only 99.7 in Citadel’s portfolio.

How this would affect current ESPN affiliates “ESPN Providence” 1450 WLKW West Warwick, RI and 1340 WNBH New Bedford, MA? What Entercom FM is flipping to Sports? 93.7 WMKK? 107.3 WAAF? 97.7 WKAF? Will WEEI add local shows in overnights and weekends so its network stations don’t overlap with these and other networks programming? As we have answers to these questions, we’ll fill you in.

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  1. DStroyer says

    The 99.7/100.1 thing might be an AM- or HD2-on-FM translator situation?

  2. Lance Venta says

    Spent some time going through every 99.7 and 100.1 translator in the FCC Database, none are registered to Citadel.

  3. Joseph_Gallant says

    I suspect WAAF-107.3/WKAF-97.7 will get “blown-up” with WMKK moving from 93.7 to 97.7, and WEEI moving from 850 to 93.7, with WVEI Worcester moving from 1440 to 107.3.

    850 in Boston and 1440 in Worcester would become 24/7 ESPN Radio (and would handle conflicts when WEEI has two sports events at the same time)

    This way, Entercom will no longer need Carter Broadcasting’s WCRN-8309 Worcester as a Red Sox affiliate since the strong 107.3 signal will blanket Western Massachusetts and Metrowest.

    I thought ESPN Radio was carrying the BCS college-football bowls; for this reason, I could see WAAF/WKAF going away at any time with a short-term simulcast of 850/1440 on 93/7/107.3 until January 1st.

  4. Joseph_Gallant says

    I made a typo.

    I meant to say that 107.3 would blanket “Central Massachusetts and Metrowest”.

    (Although I suspect parts of Western Massachusetts do get a strong signal from 107.3 as well)

  5. raccoonradio says

    I just tried both domain names and they came up ESPN1260 out of Syraucuse.,..?

  6. raccoonradio says

    I wonder if Citadel is parking the WNSS 1260 Syracuse site on those 2 URLs for now and perhaps they launch ESPN on 99.7 in Prov and 100.1 in Worcester? Heard rumor WCRN may have lost Sox rights; perhaps an ESPN 100.1 Worc. could pick them up for a clear signal

    stay tuned../

  7. raccoonradio says

    ESPN 99.7 RI and 100.1 Worcester? Never mind…acc. to an edition of Scott
    Fybush’s North East Radio Watch

    >>Starting March 5, 2010, ESPN will move to the new “ESPN Radio 97.7 and 100.1” in Syracuse and Oswego,

    These are translators…thus the appearance of Syracuse ESPN site…

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