More Classic Hits Coming to Columbus

103.9 TalkFM Talk-FM Talk FM WTDA Ted Classic Hits WEGE Eagle Edge NABCO Big Hits B104.3 WODB

Update 12/21/09: At 12:00pm WTDA made the expected flip to “Classic Hits 103.9” using Dial Global’s “Classic Hits” satellite delivered format.

Original Post 12/19: The Columbus, OH market will soon be home to a second Classic Hits station thanks to them impending flip of “FM Talk 103.9” WTDA to the format. NABCO’s recently registered and for use with the new format. While WTDA rimshots Columbus from 12 miles northeast of the city, it is closer to the market than Saga’s “Big Hits B104.3” WODB, which is 28 miles northwest of downtown.

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