Translator Trouble In New York

Thunder 106 106.3 WKMK Translator New York Press Communications W239BU Clear Channel CD Apple

Update 5/11: And another turn of events with the 106.3 translator. Following complaints from Press Communications’ “Thunder 106.3” WKMK Eatontown, NJ for interference issues, W293BU has temporarily gone off the air.

This could end up being a positive for both WKMK and W293BU. Our friends at The Virtual Engineer tell us that If Press Communications can prove to the FCC that it is being interfered by the translator, the translator can apply for a waiver from the FCC to move to a clearer frequency outside of the usual 3 step jump. There is precedence as 102.5 W273AT Milwaukee is in the process of moving to 93.9 due to interference it cause to “Life 102.5” WNWC-FM Madison, WI.

If this scenario plays out Press, Clear Channel, and Apple 107.1 Inc.can all declare themselves winners. Press retains its fringe coverage in New York City for “Thunder 106”, Apple 107.1 gets a clearer frequency for its translator, and Clear Channel gets better coverage for the translator it will be programming.

Update 5/9: The 106.3 translator has begun testing its signal, while running a different format daily from Clear Channel’s IHeartRadio stable. The official launch of the new format has been postponed to May 18.

Update 4/28: The 106.7 HD2 signal has begun inserting liners promoting a new New York radio station debuting on Thursday, May 12. The previous Country format on the subchannel has been replaced with Classic Rock for now.

Update 4/24: Add registrations for and to the recent registrations made by Clear Channel.

Original Report 4/19: A translator that has been shuffling across the New York area in recent months has finally gained approval to reach its intended final destination. 106.5 W293BU Union City, NJ has gained a Construction Permit to relocate to 106.3 and broadcast from 4 Times Square with 99 watts covering much of Manhattan as well as portions of Brooklyn, Queens, and New Jersey. You can view a map of its projected coverage via RecNet here.

CD 106.3 CD106.3 CD1063 Smooth Jazz AC WLTW W293BU W296BT New York

The translator has been rebroadcasting Country programming from the HD2 subchannel of Clear Channel’s 106.7 WLTW in recent weeks, something that will continue once the station moves to 106.3 and increases power. It does appear a new old format is in line for the move. Based on yesterday’s registrations of and the return of Smooth AC could be in the offing.

The CD moniker was used on Emmis’ Smooth Jazz/AC “CD 101.9” WQCD from 1988 until 2008 when it switched to Rock WRXP. With this new signal covering much of New York’s commercial district, the format will help flank top ranked “106.7 Lite-FM” from a potential full-powered competitor.

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  1. Alex says

    Well, I guess things finally look a bit better here. It would be awesome to have WQCD back.

  2. SV23 says

    Yes! If it’s true, this is great news. It’s about time to bring smooth jazz back to the airwaves. It was missed by so many when it was taken off the air. My only request is to play more upbeat stuff and not lean too heavy on the ‘snooze jazz’ or watered down vocals.

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