Halifax Gets Energy Boost

Energy 103 103.5 CKHZ Halifax Z103 Z103.5 Evanov

Update 1/6: Z103 in Halifax will be the one revamping as “Energy 103” at 1:03pm today. Four staffers are out with the move, including afternoon host Josh McClellan.

The revamp will bring along a Dance leaning CHR along the lines of its sister in Winnipeg as described below.

Original Report 12/19: A reboot of sorts is on its way to Evanov Radio CHR “Z 103.5” CIDC Orangeville/Toronto or similarly named “Z103” CKHZ Halifax.

Registrations have been made for Energy1035.com, Energy1035.ca, and Energy103.ca. Both stations are currently also rans in their markets. In Halifax, 103.5 trails Bell Media’s “101.3 The Bounce” CJCH.

Toronto is a slightly more complex story. The CHR battle right now is crowded with CIDC trailing 104.5 CHUM-FM, 99.9 Virgin Radio, Kiss 92.5, and Flow 93.5 which are all featuring current hit formats. CIDC is not a city grade signal in Toronto, broadcasting from 53 miles northwest of town. The Energy moniker has heritage in Toronto from its use in the mid 90’s on “Energy 108” CING.

Evanov launched a very Dance heavy CHR with the “Energy” moniker in Winnipeg this past July. The station exploded out of the box with a 6.9 share in its first ratings period. Will either or both these stations rebrand along the lines of its sister in Winnipeg in attempt to duplicate its success?

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  1. CanadianGuy79 says

    This is a very smart move! Hope it will be like it was when it was hot 103..5. Back in 1995 both energy 108 and hot 103..5 were amazing!!!!!

  2. Aaron says

    I don’t know much about the Halifax market, but my money would be on a change in Toronto. Toronto has to be the most over-CHR’d market on the continent. I love z103.5 personally, but they’re a trainwreck compared to the other CHR stations in the market. They have a whole hour of 80/90’s dance tracks at noon, and classic dance tracks sprinkled in other mixes. On the other hand, the regular rotation is very current and pop-oriented. That mix worked before 92.5 and 99.9 were CHRs, but now 103.5 has to pick one direction or the other.

    I see 103.5 pulling out of the 4-way Toronto CHR battle and going to a mix of classic and current dance. Torontonians associate the “Energy” name with 90’s dance so I’m sure there’ll be a good helping of that in there.

  3. Carl says

    They should go all way back playback all the time. Their roots.

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