Woody Show Returns To San Francisco On KFOG

104.5 KFOG San Francisco Matt Pinfiled Music Matters CumulusCumulus AAA 104.5 KFOG San Francisco and 97.7 KFFG Los Altos/San Jose has become the first non iHeartMedia owned affiliate for “The Woody Show”.

The Woody Show previously aired in San Francisco on “Live 105” 105.3 KITS from January 2006 until April 2009 where it replaced Howard Stern following his move to Sirius. The show has been based at iHeartMedia’s “Alt 98.7” KYSR Los Angeles since April 2014 and began being syndicated by Premiere Networks last year. It currently airs on sixteen iHeart owned stations.

The Woody Show will debut on KFOG on Monday, April 30. With the addition of the show, Alicia Tyler moves from mornings to middays as midday host Steve Rockwell exits.

INSTANT INSIGHT: This will be an intriguing mix for KFOG/KFFG. While the Woody Show still has a good sized following in the Bay Area from its first run in the market, will what’s left of the Fogheads remain for the younger skewing show? But with KFOG registering a 1.5 share in the March ratings does it really matter if they lose any more listeners if Woody can bring in a new audience?

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  1. Mark says

    So KFOG’s not really a AAA anymore–but they’re still using a AAA-ish slogan in “Music Matters”. I don’t think their listeners will react positively to a zoo show in morning drive.

  2. radioguy76 says

    Most likely with the Woody Show being added to KFOG that means scratch off any possible deal with a “signal swap” between Bonneville and Cumulus…

    1. Nathan Obral says

      Why would either party want to trade anything? Bonneville hasn’t even begun to buy into SF and Sacremento.

  3. radioguy76 says

    Eventually Bonneville will buy SF and Sac radio stations but in SF 99.7 and 102.9 it doesn’t mix into Bonnevilles company of conservative music and talk formats…expect a signal swap most likely…

    1. Nathan Obral says

      Or they flip those two stations into something more compatible, or keep them as-is because they make money and get ratings. Swapping just seems highly unlikely when the options are very limited.

  4. radioguy76 says

    The only station I can see if Bonneville buys will be switching 99.7 as for 102.9 that could be tricky cause there could be an impact from dropping a popular “urban format”…

    1. Mark says

      Excuse me, but what’s with “urban format” in quotes? KBLX is an established urban AC–and considering that AC is well in Bonneville’s wheelhouse, there should be no problem with that. And urban ACs play little, if any, hip-hop, if that’s what you’re trying to insinuate–and what little hip-hop they might play is the perfectly harmless kind, not the gangsta stuff.

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