Univision Continues Branding Simplicification

Univision Uforia Tu Musica 104.9 Houston Maxima 93.5 103.1 Chicago 99.1 Dallas La Kalle 100.3 Phoenix 95.1 San Antonio 107.9 FresnoUnivision continues to roll out simplified branding at many of its stations nationwide.

Following a graphical adjustment at all of their stations last fall to coincide with the launch of the Uforia music app, seven of Univision’s Spanish CHR’s and Hot AC’s are dropping their name in favor of just the frequency.

The stations that have dropped their branding are:

  • Chicago: “Maxima 93.5/103.1” WVIX Joliet/WVIV Highland Park
  • Dallas: “Maxima 99.1” KDXX Denton/107.1 KESS-FM Benbrook
  • Fresno: “KLLE 107.9” KLLE North Fork
  • Houston “Tu Musica 104.9” KAMA-FM Deer Park
  • Las Vegas: “La Kalle 99.3” KRGT Indian Springs
  • Phoenix: “La Kalle 100.3” KQMR Globe/105.3 KHOV Wickenburg
  • San Antonio: “La Kalle 95.1” KGSX Comfort
  • All of the stations with the exception of Fresno are in PPM markets where brand retention is not required to log a station in ratings calculations.

    The moves come after Univision flipped its other “La Kalle” branded station, 101.3 KKRG Albuquerque to Classic Hip-Hop “Yo 101.3” last week.

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  1. e-dawg says

    I’m surprise they didn’t change other Latin Pop music stations such as Latino MIX 105.7/100.7 in San Francisco, K-LOVE 107.5 Los Angeles, Amor 107.5 or MIX 98.3 in Miami, and/or KQ 105 in San Juan Puerto Rico.

    1. Stelly says

      My guess would be that K-Love in LA, Amor 107.5 in Miami, and KQ105 all have decades of brand equity, whereas the La Kalle and Maxima brands weren’t as established.

      I would imagine that not wanting to cede the K-Love service mark in LA would be another factor as to why KLVE wasn’t rebranded.

  2. JeremyAndrews says

    Still says “Maxima” on the 103.1/93.5 logo.

    I noticed they are only (at least when I was listening) IDing the station as “103.1” without the 93.5

    I know 93.5 has an app to move to the WJKL site on the roof of a building, putting city grade coverage into Chicago proper. I wonder if they have different plans for 93.5.

    Perfect Legal ID. Usually the Spanish voice talent have trouble pronouncing the cities of license, but whoever they have on there did it flawlessly. “WVIV Highland Park-Chicago, WVIX Lemont” (usually they just say WVIV Highland Park, WVIX Lemont”) which was also interesting.

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