Womens Radio Network To Broker WWWE Atlanta

Womens Radio Network WRNW1 1100 WWWE Atlanta Beasley Broadcasting KC Armstrong Joyce BrucknerBeasley Brokered 1100 WWWE Hapeville/Atlanta, GA will flip to Female Oriented Talk in January 2015 as “WRNW1“.

WWWE currently airs a mix of brokered Talk and Ethnic programming branded as “Atlanta’s Sports & Entertainment Network“. The new programming will debut on January 5, 2015 under a five year agreement with Womens Radio Network. The company describes its station, which currently operates online only as:

WRNW1 is committed to empower female professionals as they navigate through the pathways to success.
Our unique brand of marketing and promotion will help women build their online presence and bring business women from diverse backgrounds together to build a strong network of successful individuals.

WRNW1 hosts include Lisa Singer, former Howard Stern Producer KC Armstrong, and Dr. Joyce Buckner. Interestingly the network hypes the ability to be heard on iHeartRadio more than it does the fact it will be moving to a terrestrial signal, albeit an AM daytimer.

The Women’s Radio Network, WRNW1 has expanded their presence in the world by joining forces with Beasley Broadcasting not just provide as an online global platform, but Beasley Broadcasting will rebrand their AM radio station, AM 1100 WWWE to AM 1100 WRNW1. AM 1100 WRNW1 with iHeartRadio will allow WRNW1 starting January 5, 2015 to reach a potential of 30 million listeners worldwide. WRNW1 will be able to enhance and continue their support to celebrate professional and entrepreneur women.

With many optimistic and successful events happening for WRNW1, their main goal is to always be there for the women who have turned to them for empowerment and security. Without the vast amount of listeners daily, the fans who show continued support, and the guests who join WRNW1 to encourage other women; WRNW1 wouldn’t have the willpower to continue to grow. WRNW1 is grateful of the support they have today and encourages their listeners to keep listening, join the show and never give up on their dreams.

Every Tuesday at 8 p.m. EST, WRNW1’s famous top-host, KC Armstrong entertains the audience on every day topics. There is nothing better than listening to entertainment news and controversial news in one hour with some great comedy. KC works side by side with Marcus Edwards, where the two of them have had a great turn out with call-ins and listeners. “KC After Dark”, at 8 p.m. EST every Tuesday, will always give away a prize to the 50th caller. With iPads, the new iPhone 6 and many more prizes, you never know what will be next. Make sure to call in every Tuesday between 8 p.m. and 9 p.m. EST for a chance to win.

By educating women on a global networking platform, WRNW1 allows women to participate in online radio shows, online seminars, and special online events; to help empower other women and listeners to strive to the top. Be sure to visit http://www.wrnw1.com, where additional information can be found. To be a caller on “KC After Dark” with KC Armstrong and Marcus Edwards, please contact KC Armstrong at (631) 319-1642 between 8 p.m. and 9 p.m.

As women gather together and empower the minds of women all over the world, WRNW1 is there to celebrate women like you. Be sure to visit http://www.wrnw1.com, where additional information on the Women’s Radio Network can be found. For all media inquiries or for interviews on WRNW1, please contact press(at)wrnw1(dot)com or call 888-460-2226.

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  1. Brammy says

    Yeah. That ship for Female Talk set sail about 8 or 9 years ago and hit an iceberg and sank about a year or 2 later.

    Some former Female Talk Oriented Stations:

    990 AM Hartford, CT is now Spanish Tropical
    1370 AM Baltimore, MD is now Classic Hits
    1300 AM Albany, NY is now Talk
    1070 AM Vermont is now Business Programming

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