FCC Applications 5/10

Station Moves

FCC Radio Station Application Construction Permit CP Call Letter Change Radio Lazer 93.1 KXSM Salinas MontereyLazer Broadcasting Regional Mexican “Radio Lazer 93.1” KXSM Hollister/Salinas, CA applies to change city-of-license to Chualar from a new tower site. From the new location KXSM would operate with 8kW at 100 meters. It would be short-spaced, but not overlap with iHeartMedia’s 92.7 KTOM Marina and American General Media’s 93.5 KZOZ San Luis Obispo. Lazer also has a pending 2013 application to relocate 105.9 KMLY Carmel Valley to the same tower on 95.1 licensed to Gonzales, CA (Coverage Map).

Family Life Ministries’ 107.7 WCIG Dallas/Wilkes-Barre, PA applies to shift northeast to a new tower site where it will operate with 2.45kW at 158 meters (Coverage Map).

Actualidad Media Group’s Spanish News/Talk 107.1 WURN-FM Key Largo, FL applies to increase from a Class C3 to C2 with a power increase from 12kW to 50kW at 145 meters (Coverage Map). To make the move happen, Actualidad will finance Keyed Up Communications contingent application to shift Alternative “Island 107.1” WIIS Key West to 106.9 with 5.7kW at 59 meters (Coverage Map).

Pikes Peak Television’s pending acquisition of News/Talk 105.5 KRDO-FM Security/Colorado Springs applies to shift 212 meters to an adjacent tower on the Cheyenne Mountain Antenna Farm with 1.6kW at 652 meters (Coverage Map).

Radio Plus Bay Cities’ AC 103.7 WHYB Menominee, MI/Marinette, WI proposes to reduce power on its current CP from 25kW to 13kW, while remaining at its current 91 meter tower. WHYB currently operates with 9kW (Coverage Map).

Sky Media’s Silent 101.1 KPKK Amargosa Valley, NV applies for new 26kW horizontal at -25 meter facilities (Coverage Map). KPKK has been silent for much of the past decade after previously simulcasting then sister 105.7 KOAS Dolan Springs, AZ/Las Vegas.

Valleydale Broadcasting applies to modify its CP for the unbuilt 98.9 WVLV Byrdstown, TN to operate with 1.1kW at 233.9 meters (Coverage Map).

Calvary Christian Fellowship of Cumberland’s pending acquisition of 91.7 WLIC Frostburg, MD applies to relocate to a new site with 140 watts at 390 meters (Coverage Map).

FM 92 Broadcasters’ News/Talk “Z92” 92.1 KMZE Woodward, OK seeks to increase from a Class C3 to C1 via a frequency change to 92.3. KMZE will operate with 10.5kW at 368 meters with its new facilities (Coverage Map).

Translator Moves

After downgrading in power to reduce interference to Saga’s “Rock 102” WAQY Springfield, MA and being granted a CP to move to 101.5 with just 5 watts, iHeartMedia’s Classic Rock “Rock 102.1” W271BW Milbrook/New Haven, CT applies to move to 100.9 with 250 watts vertical at 114 meters directionally pointed southward. W271BW will continue to rebroadcast 101.3 WKCI-HD2 Hamden (Coverage Map).

After applying last week to relocate from 94.5 to 93.9 with 200 watts at 33 meters, Juan Alberto Ayala’s W233BX Flanders, NY quickly amends the app to seek 75 watts at 22 meters rebroadcasting EMF’s 96.7 WKLV-FM Port Chester (Coverage Map).

Lloyd Lane’s 104.5 W283AU Eagle, NY holds a CP to relocate to 104.9 in Arcade with 90 watts at 202 meters. He now seeks to increase the power on that application to 250 watts (Coverage Map). W283AU will continue to rebroadcast “CJ Country” 1140 WCJW Warsaw, NY.

Liberty University applies to relocate its 96.7 W244BP Charlottesville, VA to 97.1 with 99 watts at 306 meters rebroadcasting Virginia Tech University’s 88.5 WVTW-HD3 (Coverage Map).

In Marion, VA, Liberty applies to shift 105.1 W286BN to 94.5 with 99 watts at 433 meters (Coverage Map), while 101.9 W270BO Wytheville applies to increase from 10 to 97 watts at 387 meters (Coverage Map). Both will rebroadcast Virginia Tech’s 91.9 WVTR-HD3 Marion.

NRG Media’s pending acquisition of 106.9 K295CF Waterloo, IA proposes to relocate to 107.3 from a new site with 250 watts at 111 meters rebroadcasting Sports “ESPN 1330” KWLO Waterloo (Coverage Map).

Edgewater Broadcasting’s CP for 106.3 K292GH Missoula, MT applies to operate with 30 watts at 611 meters rebroadcasting Western Rockies Radio’s 97.9 KDXT-HD3 Lolo (Coverage Map).

Mountain Community Translators applies to move 94.7 K234AH Cheyenne, WY to a new location with 120 watts at -1 meter. K234AH will continue to rebroadcast La Familia Broadcasting’s Regional Mexican “La Jota 1630” Fox Farm (Coverage Map).

Edgewater Broadcasting’s CP for 92.3 W222CA Saginaw, MI applies to relocate to 103.1 with 30 watts at 12 meters rebroadcasting EMF’s 88.9 WAKL Flint (Coverage Map).

Call Letter Changes

98.9 WNBR-FM Bethel, NC -> WLXB
101.1 NEW Fredonia, AZ -> KXOA
102.3 KDSP Greenwood Village, CO -> KVOQ-FM
102.3 NEW Kaunakakai, HI -> KNIT
105.9 NEW Plains, GA -> WPLI
106.5 KCIL Atlanta, LA -> KLNQ

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  1. RFLA says

    Call sign on the Atlanta,Louisiana station was KCIJ. KCIL is a currently licensed and broadcasting c2 in Gray/Houma, Louisiana

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