iHeartMedia Sets Dates For Salt Lake City Frequency Shifts

Rock 106.7 106.5 KAAZ Salt Lake City 105.9 105.7 KNRS iHeartMediaThe long awaited shuffle involving dozens of stations in Colorado, Idaho, Utah and Wyoming is coming closer to completion.

FCC Docket 05-243 was originally applied for by Millcreek Broadcasting in July 2005 and approved by the FCC in January 2008. The two iHeartMedia stations affected by the move have announced the dates that they will be making their move to new frequencies.

Rock 106.5” KAAZ Spanish Fork will make its move to 106.7 on Thursday, August 6 at 12:00pm. The station has already begun using its new “Rock 106.7” logo on its website and social media. Sister Conservative Talk 105.7 KNRS-FM Centerville will make its move to 105.9 two months later on Thursday, October 8.

The move of KAAZ will allow Alpha Media to make its shift of “Latino 106.1” KBMG Evanston, WY to 106.3 at any time following August 6. Once KNRS-FM moves and 105.3 KDWY Diamondville, WY follows by shifting to 105.5, 105.1 KAUU Manti can complete its move-in to American Fork with full market coverage of Salt Lake City.

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