Surfing In San Diego, Phoenix Update


While we await the official launch of 101.5 Jamz in Phoenix, another one of CBS’ Free-FM stations seems headed for a spot at the Format Change Archive.

Earlier today, and both showed us with the logo plastered above. The domain is registered to a Judith Joseph of Cape Coral, FL but redirects to a subdirectory at The one thing that we’re questioning is the fact that those sites are NOT hosted by the company that runs all of CBS Radio’s web sites.

I want to say this is to throw people off the scent, but I’m not willing to put my money where my mouth is. If anything this could be a play off of the KSCF calls.

UPDATE 6/22 9:00am: The aforementioned site has now been pulled from the server. We’ll stand by our call that K-Surf was indeed a rouse, but now put our money on it. We still expect a change at KSCF in the next couple of weeks.

There are two other domains registered to CBS Radio in the past week: and Not sure what they’re for, but they could be in play here.

Meanwhile, back in Phoenix, KZON is now stunting as “Free Paris Radio” playing a loop of tracks from Paris Hilton’s CD while “Renaldo” hypes an announcement for Friday at 5:00pm Phoenix time. We’ve heard from a number of people in the Phoenix sales community confirming that 101.5 Jamz is in fact the planned format. Hopefully we’ll know for sure tomorrow afternoon.

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