Kooling Off In Portland


Update 8/29/07: Clear Channel’s IT department seems to be having fun with the audience on this one. Since our original report, there’s been a change in template to one used by the “La Preciosa” Spanish AC format used by the company elsewhere and now to a blank page with the following text “Hola! 😉 Go Away. I am very busy right now.”

As we approach the end of the summer, radio operators are beginning to ramp up their plans for the fall book. In Portland, Oregon, it looks as though Clear Channel will be launching a new format at 105.9 KIJZ. Currently Smooth Jazz, expect a flip to Classic Hits in the coming days.

Clear Channel has registered three domains for the new station: kool1059.com, koolportland.com, portlandkool.com. All are currently active pointing to a blank template at the moment and include some references to the KPKL-FM calls.

Our guess is a flip by the end of Labor Day weekend if not sooner.

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